Tatooine Dusk of War



additional props. Thankfully, it is not that.What this map is is a standard Tatooine map (as one would assume from the title) with new sides and some additional battlefield features. The map itself is very much based on a Mos-Eisley-type map, although it integrates some other assets (e.g. Rhen Var) well. It is also creative with its use of some things, like shields that block fire and not infantry (a la spaceship shields) and some movement through vertical space (for elevated CPs).There are some issues as well, though. I noticed Z-fighting in a handful of places, which is always pretty ugly to see. The rear Republic CP had a strange capture region, as I could stand directly on top of the CP itself and not capture the post. The hero for the Republic is silly overpowered, especially in comparison to the CIS hero (Grievous). The author mentions in the readme that there are two consoles that control air support for each side, but it wasn't clearly indicated in-game what these were (the life-support consoles? I certainly couldn't control anything with these). More clarification would be good here.Also - a minor nitpick - why the bands of nebulae so prominent in the night sky? We see lots of shots in space around Tatooine in multiple movies, and there's no indication of anything other than a clear, Earth-like sky. It would honestly be a lot better to set the map somewhere besides Tatooine, then you could have your sky and have an excuse not to use boring Tatooine props too.All in all, it's a decent map with some clever mechanics. Give it a try if it looks interesting.-Mav


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