Tatooine Fire Fight



Totallytoenails' Tatooine Fire Fight doesn't bring a lot new to the table, but at the very least it doesn't make you smack your head and say, "oh no, not this again."

Tatooine Fire Fight is a small/medium-sized battlefield set on the eponymous Tatooine, in a junkyard. It's a pretty good setup for close-ish quarters combat; it avoids the "wide-open-spaces" phenomenon that plagues all too many maps. It also does a nice job of making the battle a little more free-flowing; thanks to the array of props and the arrangement of CPs a linear battle is avoided.

There are a couple of things I might take issue with. First is the sky - it's Yavin. Again. Try a new sky, and besides, with flat map edges, the Yavin sky looks bad... which leads me to the second issue - the terrain. As with a lot of maps, it's unnaturally flat. You're not in the middle of a large town, it's surrounded by nothing - there should be at least some terrain variation.

All in all, this map isn't a great map, but it's certainly not a bad map and it's certainly better than the average beginner map.




'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-Tatooine Fire Fight-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'

	Tatooine Fire Fight is a map located in a 
satilite/ship junkyard.  There are a few buildings and 
stuff like that. but most of the cover is from the broken 
satilites.  There is a small community on the other side
of a ravine with a bombed out bridge.  I tried to change
the sky, but I just can't get it to work, sorry.
But anyways, the map is my first non-yavin one.
This is the first of the "Tatooine Invasion Series" that
I will be making.  Enjoy! :)


	The Clone Wars have raged across even the remote
planet of Tatooine.  There is a satilite/ship junkyard
on the outskirts of a town held by the CIS.  They need to
hold the junkyard area as an outpost and warning for the
nearby town.  The republic needs to seize the junkyard to
stage their assault on the town.


-Lucas Arts/Pandemic for creating SWBF2.

-George Lucas for creating Star Wars, which downright rulez!

-My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

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