Tatooine: Outpost



Another Tatooine map submitted to Battlefront Files, this one by Superm9. The battle depicted in this particular map takes place when the Rebel Alliance investigates the crash landing of the Tantive IV on Tatooine. They are met with Imperial resistance, and voila!.... they fight.

I'll start off with the good parts of this map. The first thing I noticed was the custom skins. Granted, they looked a little "painty," but it was new nonetheless. The next thing I noticed was that some of the unit models had been switched around. The trooper, rocketeer, and sniper are all wearing standard Stormtrooper armor, and the officer has the Stormtrooper rocketeer's armor. The Rebel side looked mostly unchanged, however the Bothan has been replaced by the Twi'lek survivor, who has Princess Leia's sporting blaster, stealth, a move called "Attract" that functions just like Force Pull, and six grenades. The Rebels also had a custom hero, a lightsaber-wielding Wookiee general who has time bombs (which are localized as "Force Bombs" for whatever reason) and a team buff weapon.

The map itself is designed fairly well. It has some flaws, but gameplay tends to run pretty smoothly. The hills are nicely rounded and the author makes use of texture variation. Most of the fighting will take place between tanks, so if you're not in a tank, you're gonna get creamed. The fighting is spread out, rather than bunched in one area, so that's another good point. It did seem that the Rebel tanks outnumbered the Imperial tanks, but it could just be coincidence that I didn't see many Imperial tanks. There's a spawn point for local Tusken Raider units near the middle of the map, by a sandcrawler. All in all, the map design was good, the only gripe I really have at this point was the blandness of some of the areas, but there's good terrain variation and use of objects.

I've covered the good points, now on to the bad. First off, the default sky. It doesn't fit Tatooine, it looks really pixelated, and if you don't cover up the edges of the map, you can see where the map's terrain ends. Secondly, the sounds. None of the tanks have any sounds. I would advise the author to read through one of the sound tutorials on GameToast, because the lack of sounds detracts from the overall feel of the map in my opinion. The third problem I encountered was within the localization. There were some incorrect spellings of words; missing little things like these makes the map look unproffesional and sloppy. I included some other points to improve upon in my review above, so I would advise the author to read through everything and continue working on this map for the next release.

Overall, a decent map; if you're looking for something new, give this one a try. Read the readme for installation instructions, and make sure you leave feedback if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders.




Made by: Superm9

Installation instructions:

put folder TOP in: C:/program files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront 2/Gamedata/addon (if addon isn't there, make it)
To uninstall, just delete the folder TOP

Story: The rebels sent a ship and crew to investigate the dissappearance of the Tantive IV, but the ship was shot down over Tatooine.
The imperials begin a ground assault.

Caleb1117 (various models)
Taivyx, for introducing me to SWBF2 modding

Legal Stuff:
You can do whatever with this map, as long as you give me credit for it.

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