Tatooine: Outpost

tatooine_outpostv3.0.zip —


itself is unchanged, the only changes to this version are some minor script changes. For those of you unfamiliar with the map, though, the basic premise is a "Dune Sea"-type map, where there are a lot of rolling dunes and open area, with clusters of props around command post areas. As per the author's SOP, he offers a fairly movie-like interpretation of a familiar location. (See my previous review for a more detailed version of my thoughts on the map itself.)The author has also added random heroes and a hero support unit to conquest modes, and it's a change that I personally can't lodge any complaint with. All in all, it's a small but decent set of changes made to the map (and I also thought I heard an environmental wind sound effect that I didn't notice before, but it could have been just that - something I didn't notice before). Go ahead and give it a download!-Mav


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