Tatooine: Outpost



This is a large Tatooine Dune Sea and Jundland Wastes desert map that can be played in both the CW and GCW era and supports the mods Dark Times II: Rising Son and BFX.  This version of the map also has many game modes including Conquest, Uber mode, Hero Assault, CTF and Hunt modes and includes hero bot support.  There are also many locals on the map including Tuskens, Jawas and Weequays. 

 I created this map way back in 2012 and at the time was trying to recreate a more movie accurate Dune Sea desert map than the the one in the original Star Wars Battlefront which I think was successful.

Here is the original review By Maveritchell when it was originally released on Filefront:

For those of you unfamiliar with the map, the basic premise is a "Dune Sea"-type map, where there are a lot of rolling dunes and open areas, with clusters of props around command posts. As per the author's SOP, he offers a fairly movie-like interpretation of a familiar location. (See my previous review for a more detailed version of my thoughts on the map itself.)The author has also added random heroes and a hero support unit to conquest modes, and it's a change that I personally can't lodge any complaint with. All in all, it's a small but decent set of changes made to the map (and I also thought I heard an environmental wind sound effect that I didn't notice before, but it could have been just that - something I didn't notice before). Go ahead and give it a download!-Mav



Tatooine: Outpost 3.0 Jendo7 January 2012

Main changes since v2.0
Uber Mode replaces XL, and has been added to all eras, CW, GCW, BFX and DTII
All Conquest modes have hero support, and random heroes

Conquest mode random heroes:
CW and BFX CW:
Rep: Episode 2 Anakin and Obi Wan
Cis: Darth Maul and Jango Fett

All: Episode 4 LUke and Han Solo (Storm)
Imp: Boba Fett and Bossk
Uber mode random heroes:

CW and BFX CW:
Rep: Anakin (ep2 in BFX), Obi Wan and Aalya Secura
CIS: Darth Maul, Jango Fett and General Grievous

All: Episode 4 LUke, Han Solo (Storm) and Chewbacca
Imp: Boba Fett, Bossk and IG-88
Uber mode has one extra CP, 100 units on each side, and 1000 reinforcements (Much more challenging and a lot more fun)

Other modes include Hero Assault, Gunner Assault(DTII), CTF and HuntConquest and Uber modes have extra vehicles since v2.0
Darth Maul's Sith Speeder has been added to the CW era. It appears only when a certain CP is captured
The night sky only appears in CW Hunt mode
A new LAAT wreck has been added

Lower end PC's may experience framerate issues using uber mode but should have no problems with regular ConquestBFX and DTII mods need to be installed for those eras to work

Credits:George Lucas: Star Wars
Lucasarts and Pandemic: Star Wars Battlefront II
Pandemic/Psych0fred: AT-XT, Dwarf Spider
Maveritchell: Dark Times II: Rising Son mod, Space Service Truck (fixed texture)
archer01: AIHeroSupport script
ARC_Commander: Battlefront Extreme Mod, and Battlefront Extreme Assets
Sky_216: Rock models, terrain textures, LAAT Wreck, random sky/fX/Lighting tutorial
FragMe!: Fix for Floating Weapon Icons
monsoontide: Dewback model converted to SWBFII by Fragme!
Monsoontide, set up by Lord Bandu: Sith Speeder
monsoontide: T-21 light repeater model converted to SWBFII by DarthD.U.C.K, and THEWULFMAN
Repsharpshooter: Fett's Jet Pack effect, DC-15 caster shotgun, ep3trooper model with karma
GCMOD team converted by RepSharpshooter: Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster Carbine
SoM3: DC-15s blaster carbine
Syth: Jango Fett's Westar 34 Pistol
Pahricida, updated by Deviss: DC-15A blaster rifle
Dragonum: DC-17 hand blaster
lordbertie: WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle v2
GCMOD Team: Flechette shotgun
CodaRez: Jawa Ion Blaster, DC-15 side arm, Tusken Cycler Rifle V2, and addon Antenna
CodaRez/DarthD.U.C.K.: Improved Stock stormtrooper/shocktrooper model
Marvel4: Hex edited Imperial Sniper Rifle model
Saitek009: Hunt mode tutorial
]V[: +123 assets
Rends: Mos Eisley Spaceport assets
Pandemic, and Syth: DLT-19 Marine Rifle
Neomarz: Galactic marine pack
DarthD.U.C.K.: DC-17 Hand Blaster, snowtrooper pack
Teancum: Certain assets from the Conversion pack Republic sides
AQT: Hex editing tutorial
Alex533: EP2 Anakin skin
Anakin: light.tga, magnahead.tga, metal.tga skins for the IG-100 MagnaGuard
THEWULFMAN: Adding support for his upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars mod
Deviss: Original ep3trooper/ep3sniper 212nd legion skins
Deviss: HD ep3 Remapped Commander Cody 2.0:
Delta-1035: Commander Cody Skin
NeoMarz: Commander Cody model: jetpack, visor, and shoulders
RepSharpShooter: HD
Kinetosimpetus: 153rd Legion mod, and added support
kinetosimpetus: BX-Commando Droid
kinetosimpetus: Models, textures, sword odf, combo, new sand camo skin
DarthD.U.C.K.: Exporting the BX player model, adding glowmap
cis_1st_weap_inf_rifle.tga is modified by RogueKnight, and kinetosimpetus
The bx__1st_weap_inf_rifle.tga is a lighter version of the cis tga, made for the bx's E5 rifle
kinetosimpetus: BX E-5 rifle sound - rifle sound fx from TCW
bx_1st_commando.msh is the bx commando first person msh made by Deviss
Kinetosimpetus: DL-44 Blaster, and A280 Blaster Rifle
New models and editted textures
Pandemic: Original textures
Pinguin/Aman: Tatooine Tuskencamp assets
wazmol: mag.msh
Pinguin/Aman: cis_inf_magnaguard_chunk.msh
bertie, DarthD.U.C.K.: hud_magnastaff.msh
DarthD.U.C.K.: cis_inf_grievousguard.combo
wazmol: greviousguard.anims
wazmol: greviousguard.zaabin -
wazmol: greviousguard.zafbin
Weapon Sound fx -
Neomarz: magna_death.wav, magna_hurt.wav, magna_lowhealth.wav, magna_saberoff.wav, magna_saberon.wav, magna_swing_double.wav, magna_swing_single.wav, magna_swing_triple.wav
ShockWave: magna_electro.wav, dc15_fire.wav
High Res Dwarfspider Texture: a_speck_of_dust
Bossk model: Neomarz, converted by AceMastermind
*Improved* Stock IG-88
-Pandemic, for providing nearly the entirety of the IG-88 model and texture
-CodaRez, for remaking arm cylinders and providing the envelope plan basis
-FragMe!, for exportation, specbumpmap and a few envelope corrections
-Darth D.U.C.K, first exporter before FragMe!Future Support for the 153rd Legion mod, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars mod

Special thanks to:Anakin
Installation: Extract the TJW folder to C/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addonSteam users extract TJW to Steam/steamapps/common/star wars battlefront ii/GameData/addonUninstallation: Remove TJW from the addon folder

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