Tatooine: Ralaan

This map by Battle-Hamster is described as a "mysterious place" on Tatooine. Indeed.

Object-wise, it's a very well-done map. Using essent...


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This map by Battle-Hamster is described as a "mysterious place" on Tatooine. Indeed.

Object-wise, it's a very well-done map. Using essentially only Mos Eisley objects, the mapper has created a large-scale and varied environment. There were some object placement issues I noticed (overlapping textures, at least one object not fully-grounded), but for the massive amount of objects in here it was a pretty good job.

CTF has an interesting concept behind it, if my guess is right. I think Battle-Hamster tried to set it up so that upon capturing the flag you don't return to your own flag base but rather a separate area. This isn't a bad idea, except it appeared to be set up incorrectly. You'll find that while playing as the CIS on 2-flag or as the Republic on 1-flag, you'll be unable to win, because the flag returns are (I believe) under the terrain. Unfortunately this makes the CTF modes pretty one-sided.

Sides are standard and unchanged. Conquest modes have many command posts, so don't expect to win by anything other than depleting your opponent's reinforcements.

Overall, it's a very well-done first map. The terrain texture is a little iffy, CTF is buggy, as mentioned earlier, and there are some object placement issues. However, there are no CTDs and the object placement overall is very well done.


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Download 'mp_tatooine_ralaan_v1.rar' (16.86MB)

TTTTTTTTT      A       TTTTTTTTTTT     OOO        OOO       II   NN       NN   EEEEEEEE
   TT         A A          TT         OO OO      OO OO      II   NNNN     NN   EE
   TT        A   A         TT        OO   OO    OO   OO     II   NN NN    NN   EE
   TT       AAAAAAA        TT       OO     OO  OO     OO    II   NN  NN   NN   EEEEE
   TT      A       A       TT        OO   OO    OO   OO     II   NN   NN  NN   EE
   TT     A         A      TT         OO OO      OO OO      II   NN    NN NN   EE
                                       OOO        OOO       II   NN     NNNN    EEEEEEEE

RRRR             A          LL                 A                 A         NN         NN
RR RR           A A         LL                A A               A A        NNNN       NN
RR  RR         A   A        LL               A   A             A   A       NN NN      NN
RR RR         A     A       LL              A     A           A     A      NN  NN     NN
RRRR         AAAAAAAAA      LL             AAAAAAAAA         AAAAAAAAA     NN   NN    NN
RR RR       A         A     LL            A         A       A         A    NN    NN   NN
RR  RR     A           A    LL           A           A     A           A   NN     NN  NN
RR   RR   A             A   LLLLLLLL    A             A   A             A  NN       NNNN

ENGLISH: So this is the ReadMe for my first working map, which (I think) is very good!
I´ve written this "LiesMe!" ("Lies" german for: "read") in English and German, because I am 
German °^° .

DEUTSCH: So das ist die LiesMich für meine erste funktionierende Map, die, wie ich denke, 
gut ist!
Ich habe diese "LiesMe" ("Me" englisch für: "Mich") in Englisch und Deutsch geschrieben, 
da ich ersten Deutsch bin und zweitens auch englischsprachige Gamer & Modder darauf 
aufmerksam machen will °^°  .

         Clone Wars/Galactic Civil War: 
                     The Republic/Empire discovered a mysterious place on Tatooine, where is 
                     something, with which can camouflage you. But the CIS/Rebells 
                     recognized that and want to stop you and to get this magic thing.
                    It is a city with the most used objects of Tatooine: Mos Eisley. But 
                    in an other order (!). If you play CIS/Rebells you see some wrecks, which
                    gives backing to you [Probably bad english... I´m sorry!].
                    There is a little labyrinth and I belive that you´ll think that there 
                    are bugs, but there aren´t because this is a mysterious place, too. So
                    that will be explained.
                    The CTF mode does not work right... I don´t know why...
If you find any bugs, have some questions or want to explain me something (^.^) tell it me
in my:

[email protected]: lupus-terre at gmx dot de

X-Fire: exekutorhamster

ICQ/QIP/MIRANDA: 448-620-119, Battle-Hamster

How to install:

1) Unpack the mp_tatooine_ralaan_v1.rar file to ...\LucasArts\GameData\AddOn

2) Start the game and enjoy! (Go to Instant Action or host a server)

Hope you will have fun!


Battle-Hamster (known as "Lupus Terre" too)

!IMPORTANT! This map IS NOT supported by the makers of Star Wars Battlefront II!!!

DEUTSCH: Geschichte:
                  Klonkriege/Galaktischer Bürgerkrieg:
                            Die Republik/das Imperium entedckte eine mysteriöse Stadt auf 
                            Tatooine. In dieser Stadt gibt es etwas was man zum Tarnen 
                            benutzen kann. Sie wollen es in ihren besitz bringen, doch die
                            KUS/Rebellen merken das und wollen sie stoppen.
                    Es ist eine Stadt mit den meisten Objekten, die auf Tatooine: Mos Eisley
                    benutzt werden. Allerdings in einer anderen Anordung (!) . Wenn Du 
                    KUS/Rebellen spielst, geben dir Wracks Deckung.
                    Dort befindet sich ein kleines Labyrinth, und ich wette du wirst denken,
                    dass dort Bugs sind. Sind es aber nicht, denn dies gehört zu einem 
                    mysteriösen Ort.

                Die CTF-Modi funktionieren nicht richtig... Und ich weiß nicht warum...

Wenn Du irgendwelche Bugs findest, Fragen hast, oder mir etwas erklären möchtest (^.^) sag mir
auf diesen Wegen bescheid:

[email protected]:  lupus-terre at gmx punkt de

X-Fire:  exekutorhamster

ICQ/QIP/MIRANDA: 448-620-119, Battle-Hamster

1) Entpacke die mp_tatooine_ralaan_v1.rar Datei in den ...\LucasArts\GameData\AddOn Ordner

2) Starte das Spiel und genieße es! (Geh in den Sofort-Einsatz Modus oder hoste einen Server)

Hoffe, dass Du Spaß haben wirst!


Battle-Hamster (auch bekannt als "Lupus Terre)
!WICHTIG! Diese Map WIRD NICHT von den Machern von Star Wars BAttlefront II unterstützt!!!

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