WOW! This is a core character mod. It changes every side. 2 words: GREAT MOD!. See the readme for details.


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WOW! This is a core character mod. It changes every side. 2 words: GREAT MOD!. See the readme for details.

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Download 'tecmod_1.7z.rar' (81.82MB)

	Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod 1.0

    I	Introduction
   II	Installation
  III	Compatibility
   IV	Details - What does this mod?
    V	Known Bugs
   VI	Responsability
  VII	Contact
 VIII	Credits

	I	Introduction

With this mod I tried to make Ground combat in Battlefront II more 
intense and thrilling as well as more challenging and interesting.
Furthermore I wanted to change the ego-shooter into a tactic-shooter.

	II	Installation

First backup following files:

- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\mission.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\all.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\cis.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\ewk.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\gam.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\imp.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\impshell.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\jed.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\rep.lvl
- Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\wok.lvl

After that extract the "mission.lvl" file from the "TEC-Mod_1.7z" archive into you "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\" folder - extract any other file from the archive into your "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Data\_lvl_pc\side\" folder.

To uninstall simply delete the files you extracted before and reactivate 

Be aware that this mod will need 873MB when it is extracted.

	III	Compatibility

This mod should work with any version of Star Wars Battlefront II. It 
should also work on every usermade map, that doesn't change the sides. 
It will not work properly on maps which do this.
It will not work properly with other hex- or side-mods.

	IV	Details - What does this mod?

General Gameplay Changes:
- You need far less hits to neutralize an enemy
- Firing while not using a scope is less accurate
- Firing while moving is far less accurate
- Added Recoil
- Starfighters got cockpits in 1st person
- More accurate names for weapons and equipment
- Diffrent Confrontations:
	- Naboo, cw: Royal Guard vs Trade Federation
	- Naboo, gcw: Royal Guard vs Empire
	- Coruscant, cw: Republic vs Jedi Order
	- Kamino, gcw: Empire vs Clone Rebels
	- Mustafar, gcw: Empire vs CIS


- Riflemen: They are the backbone of any army. They got the simple task 
  to break hostile resistance and take command posts - they are usually 
  equipped with blaster carbines, blaster pistols and thermal detonators. 
  They also wear heavy body armor, which makes them slower but tougher.

	- (Empire) Stormtroopers: They are equipped for brutal close-combat.
	  Stealth is not an option. Their Carbine is less precise than 
	  others, but got a higher rate of fire and the possibilty to be 
	  used as flamethrower in emergency situations. Their detonators can 
	  not be thrown as far as usual dets but have a higher explosion 

	- (Alliance) Rebel Soldiers: They are more versatile than their 
	  Imperial counterparts. Their Uniforms blend better with the 
	  environment what makes them a hard to fight enemy and their 
	  weaponary has neither strengthes nor weaknesses and is reliable 
	  in any situation. They also carry concussion grenades so they are 
	  even able to defend themselves against Imperial Armored Troops.

	- (Republic) Clonestroopers: They carry additional emp-grenades to 
	  be more effective against droids.

	- (CIS) B-1 Battledroids: They have only light armor and inferior 
	  weaponary - but their high speed and their ability to fire more 
	  precisely while moving than anybody else make them a big thread to 
	  enemy infantry.

- Heavy Infantry: These Soldiers have the task to take out enemy vehicles - 
  anywhere in any situation. They are equipped with Rocketlaunchers, blaster 
  pistols and thermal detonators. They also wear heavy body armor, which 
  makes them slower but tougher.

	- (Empire) Heavy Stormtroopers: Their equipment is the most advanced 
	  weaponary that can be found on the battlefield - they are a higher 
	  thread to enemy infantry than most other heavy infantry.

	- (Alliance) Rebel heavy Weapons Specialists: Though their equipment 
	  is not as advanced as that of the imperial tankhunters it is still 
	  more effective because their rocketlaunchers fire two rockets at 
	  once. Furthermore they are equipped with remote controlled 
	  explosives to engage Imperial Armory in close combat.

	- (Republic) Heavy Clonetroopers: Their Rocketlauncher has a magazine 
	  of 2 Rockets and they are equipped with timebombs to engage enemy 
	  vehicles in close combat.

	- (CIS) B-2 Super Battledroids: They are not really anti-tank units 
	  but anti infantry as well. they are very slow but also very tough 
	  and got an impressive amount of firepower. Their wrist blaster - 
	  which has two modes of fire is a devistating anti-infantry weapon 
	  while their wrist rockets also give them a good punch against 
	  vehicles. They are most effective when combined with B-1 because 
	  while the B-2 have enough firepower to strike a hole into the 
	  enemy's defence the B-1 are fast enough to use these holes.

- Snipers: Their main task is to gather intelligence and to support 
  advancing infantry by taking out crucial parts of the enemy's defence over 
  long distances. They are equipped with sniper rifles, blaster pistols, 
  thermal detonators and reconnaissance droids. They wear light armor.

	- (CIS) B-1 Sniperdroids: They where never designed as reconnaissance 
	  units and do not use recon-droids.

- Engineers: They have many tasks to fullfill on the battlefield. They are 
  responsable for the defence by building defensive turrets, placing 
  autotrurrets and building mine fields; they repair their faction's droids 
  and vehicles to keep them ready for combat and they clear enemy minefields 
  since they are immune to mines. They are equipped with blaster rifles, 
  fusion cutters, auto-turrets and mines. They wear light armor.

	- (CIS) Geonosian Engineer: He does not have the defensive eqipment 
	  of the other factions, but he is able to launch some surprising 
	  attacks since he can fly ofver short distances. Instead of a blaster 
	  rifle he is armed with a sonic blaster.

- Officers: Their task is to lead the troops, to support them on the 
  battlefield und to keep them ready for combat. They wear light armor and can 
  give supllies to his men. Their Radar is more advanced than that of any other

	- (Empire) Imperial Officer: He is armed with a grenadelauncher, a 
	  commando pistol and is able to inspire wrath in his men so that they 
	  do more dammage.

	- (Alliance) Infiltrator: He has a cloak-set which makes him unvisable 
	  and a desintigrator which lets enemies disappear. He can raise hope in 
	  his man so that they might ignore their wounds.

	- (Republic) Clone Commander: He is armed with a Rotary Blaster and a 
	  blaster pistol. He can order his men to caution so that they'll take 
	  less dammage.

	- (CIS) Magnaguard: It is armed with a radioation grenadelauncher and a 
	  bulldog rocketlauncher as well as a toxic gas that is highly dangerous 
	  for human beings. In contrast to other officer units it is very heavily 

- Special Units: Every faction got a special unit which fullfills the same task 
  as the riflemen - just better...

	- (Empire) Dark Trooper: He got a Jump Pack that allows him to cover big 
	  distances in a very short time. He is equipped with an arc caster that - 
	  if you charge it - attacks several targets at once, a commando pistol 
	  and thermal detonators. He also wears heavy body armor, which makes him
	  slower but tougher.

	- (Alliance) Wookiee-Warrior: He is equipped with an wookie-bowcaster that 
	  fires either several bolts at once or a single bolt with higher power.
	  He also wears very heavy body armor, which makes him slower but far 

	- (Republic) Jet Trooper: He uses a jet pack to hover and is very mobile. 
	  His EMP-Rocketlauncher gives him a serious amount of firepower. The light 
	  commando carbine is a tricky emergency weapon because it overheats almost 
	  imediatly when used wrong. He wears heavy body armor which makes him 
	  tougher but slower.

	- (CIS) Droideka: It's wheel form allows this droid to move quite fast - 
	  but it should be ready for combat before it can be seen by it's enemies. 
	  Otherwise they will very likely blow it up before the shield is set up. 
	  When the shield is ready the most dangerous enemies are emp-weapons.

- Marines: They are exactly like riflemen but the blaster pistol was exchanged by a 
  rocketlauncher. They are responsible for boarding enemy capital ships or destroy 
  enemy boarding parties.

- Pilots were unchanged.

Changes in equipment:

- Blaster Carbine: It's the blaster rifle from the unmodded game.

- Blaster Rifle: It has a very low rate of fire and a smaller clip than the carbine, 
  but a single bolt does more dammage.

- Light Carbine: It's like a blaster pistol, but has full automatic fire.

- Light Commando Carbine: It's like a commando pistol, but got full auto. It 
  overheats realy fast if used wrong.

- EMP-Weapons: Their explosions are highly dangerous for droids and shields - but
  living beings can be killed by them either.

- Concussion Grenades: They can't be thrown very far and are not very dangerous for 
  infantry - but they'll stick to vehicles and will cause much dammage.

- Wrist Blaster has unlimited armor but may overheat.

Galactic Civil War:
- No more Rockets for TIEs 
- TIEs' lasers were improved
- Replaced Theta-Class Shuttle by Sentinel-Class Landing Craft
- More accurate Uniforms depending on environment
- Rebel fighters are less agile
- Rebel fighters are better armored
- Rebel Ground Vehicles are weaker than Imperials'

Clone Wars:
- Diffrent Clone Legions on diffrent Planets
- Clones' blaster pistols were changed into light carbines
- CIS ignores the standart class system almost completely
- Droids are less precise than living character and can not use scope
- Droids get no malus on accuracy when moving
- Most droids move faster than living characters but they can not sprint

	V	Known Bugs

- The classes' names are not shown correctly
- Tantive IV Mission in the campaign crashes as soon as You are orderd to hunt 
  down the princess.

	VI	Responsability

I am not responsable for any dammage caused by this files.

	VII	Contact

Do you have any critics, questions or suggestions? Send them at 
If I shall improve this mod I'll need you oinion :)

	VIII	Credits

I have to thank 
- Alex533 for his Commander Gree Skin
- Icemember for is Shock Trooper skin, his white sniper skin, his utapau sniper skin and his Commander Baccara skin
- Commander Fordo for his Clone white skin (which I slightly modified), his red sniper skin and his Utapau Trooper Skin (which I slightly modified)
- Astute for explaining me how to solve some problems that occured
- Pandemic and Lucas Arts for creating this great game
- George Lucas for creating this even greater universe ;)

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