Telos: Mandalorian Wars

Telos: Mandalorian Wars, by elfie911, is another look at a theme I really like - Knights of the Old Republic. It's not his first foray into...


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Telos: Mandalorian Wars, by elfie911, is another look at a theme I really like - Knights of the Old Republic. It's not his first foray into the era, having done one previous map similar to this one.

Fortunately, this one is better than that other one, which was not the best. He seems to have at least made the sides a little more balanced and the map a bit smaller - two of the biggest faults with his past map.

Anyway, this map is set on Telos, as featured in KotOR II (although it only vaguely resembles some parts of Telos). The map is a hilly plain, with four CPs spread out in a diamond formation. A few KotOR props are scattered around each CP. There are also a number of locals for each side, as well as some hammerhead cruiser skydome models.

There are two modes, a standard conquest and a "headquarters" mode, which is essentially assault with destructible command posts. It's a nifty idea. Each mode has a different set of sides, which are laid out in the readme.

In playing through, I had a few issues with the map. First of all, the Republic/TSF troopers had retextured faces. And while I appreciate the effort to mix things up a bit, the face retextures looked bad. It looks like stock face textures from other models were pasted on with very little time spent trying to make sure they lined up on the face, giving a stretched appearance to every face.

Secondly, it felt like a huge mishmash of various KotOR things without thought to rhyme or reason. There were dozens of HK-50s running around, along with Canderous Ordo and Revan, as well as Carth Onasi inexplicably running around as a local.

Finally, all of the melee units were out of balance. The standard melee'ers for each side had, essentially, lightsabers (they could block with vibroswords and they were just as strong as 'sabers). The Jedi units for each side were as powerful if not more powerful than the heroes, their only weakness was slightly less health than the heroes (they even had health regen). I wasn't ever really tempted to play as the hero, because the basic units were just as good.

There were also a couple bugs. Some of the locals were unlocalized, for one. Also, the skydome cruisers were far too close to the ground, making them semitransparent at all times. This looks very sloppy, in my opinion.

Anyway, it's certainly better than elfie's last submission, so if it interests you, give it a download.


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Download 'kotor_telos_mandalorian_wars.exe' (24.07MB)

------------>>> (KOTOR) Telos: Mandalorian Wars Readme <<<------------
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<------BY: Elfie 911------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to view some of the new features of this map including the custom era and game mode names, you will need to download Zerted's v1.3 Lite patch found here, it is not required but reccommended:;95405

*Also: Someone said this map lagged because of the foliage, if you experience this problem, simply lower the veiw distance and or screen resolution in the options menu.

This map, as the title suggests, takes place on Telos during the Mandalorian Wars period of time. The characters and some of their weapons are loosely based on KOTOR, and the rest I made up. Also note that the map has a custom mini-map and Hammerhead ships flying around in the sky. 

--Game Modes--

-Mandalorian Wars
This map consists of two eras with custom names on the map start up menu: Mandalorian Wars and TSF vs. Czerka. In Mandalorian Wars, the main era, the Republic Battle the Mandalorians, these Mandalorians have custom .mshs made by Caleb, all new weapons, new effects, as well as pick ups like the battle stimulant as seen in KOTOR II. The Mandalorian Heavy Trooper also has a back pack and runs slower therefore than the other units but is more heavily armed. Each Republic unit has a unique face and unique ability. For both sides there are the standard five classes: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Sharpshooter and so on, as well as an unlockable Swordsmen class with a vibro sword, commander class which has an airstrike beacon and special primary weapon, and a jedi/sith class wich have special force powers. The battle also has locals for both sides, HK-50 droids and Telosian Commoners. The hero for the Republic is Revan with custom animations, and the hero for the Mandalorians is Canderous Ordo, whom has a pistol flame thrower, unlimited buff damage, and a heavy pistol that has long range.

-TSF vs. Czerka-
In TSF vs. Czerka mode, their is a custom game mode: Headquarters. In this mode each player spawns from their teams headquarters, there are two per team, and must destroy their opponent's headquarters before they loose theirs. This mode has different weapons from the previous mode, plus custom skins for the TSF(Telos Security Force) and Czerka's mercenaries with each unit having a unique face and ability, just like real combat. 


1. Run the installer
2. Click the icon with the three dots and browse to your addon directory located at default C:ProgramFilesLucasartsStarwarsbattlefront2Gamedata folder. If you do not have an addon folder create one there. 
3. Click Extract
4. Play the map.

To uninstall the map, simply delete the folder TEL from your addon folder.


Repsharpshooter - republic skins
Caleb117 - hammerhead model, Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, Mandalorians, and TSF Skin
Gogie - Revan and Hk-47
Vyse - Vibrosword
Hebes24 - Orbital Strike beacon
Maveritchell - Forcepowers and other assets
Skyhammer_216 - jedi skins and effects
tsurugi13 - weapon Models
Psych0Fred - Headquarters Models

I would also like to thank the beta testers who gave me great feedback and made this map better!

Send Questions/Comments to [email protected], and please try not to email me saying you can't install the map unless you are really desperate. 

Enjoy the map :)! - this may be one of my last


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