That's Impossible!

"That's Impossible!"

I'm not really sure what's impossible, but that's the name of this three-ish-map mappack by "Space Yavin." It includ...


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"That's Impossible!"

I'm not really sure what's impossible, but that's the name of this three-ish-map mappack by "Space Yavin." It includes Space Yavin (IV, presumably) and space Polis Massa combined with space "Order 66." I'll look at each map separately.

First is Space Yavin, which has been uploaded here before in (presumably) an earlier state. It honestly still feels unfinished, because sloppiness abounds. The first thing I noticed is that the new vehicle spawns aren't even placed correctly (the vehicles sit awkwardly tilted). There were also two command posts on the map that were inaccessible, although they looked to be. Darth Vader's lightsaber didn't work (combo memorypools not filled out). Additionally, the autoturrets inside weren't set up to be hostile. Technically, those were the only bugs, but designwise, there were a lot of other things that irked me - capital ships at odd angles, missing hangar shields, empty ship interiors, dozens of Hans and Lukes running around... this just didn't feel like a complete map.

There's not much to say about space Polis Massa, it is, fortunately, pretty much the same thing as the original space Polis Massa; only the units have been changed. Both sides get their "officer" unit instead of the marine unit.

"Space Order 66" is another stock space map (Dagobah this time) with changed sides. This time it's Rebels vs. Imperials... sort of. I'm not sure why it's called "Order 66," because it's clones vs. stormtroopers, with the clones flying GCW-era vessels. Out-of-era-ness aside, all the clones were missing sounds.

So there you have it, three space maps. If they sound appealing, go ahead and give them a download.


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Download 'thats_impossible.rar' (72.72MB)

That's Impossible Mappack! Version 0.5

TRY Clone Wars Assault - Space Polis Massa!

The Clones battle the Droids over a remote asteroid named 'Polis Massa'.

Phase I Clone Pilot (from geonosis)
Galactic Marine (re-localized Clone Commander)

OOM-9 Pilot Battle Droid
IG-100 MagnaGuard without ElectroStaff (may change in V1.0)

TRY Galactic Civil War Assault - Space Order 66!

The Clone Rebels discover a small planet named 'Dagobah' in an attempt to crush the droids.

Phase I clone Trooper
Phase I ARC Trooper (from geonosis)

Storm Trooper
Shock Trooper

SY2 Galactic Civil War Assault - Space Yavin V2

The Epic Battle from Episode 4, except you can play it yourself.

Stormtrooper Han Solo
Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader
Shock Trooper

Millennium Falcon
T.I.E. Advanced X1
Hanger Shields Disabled

Credits go to:
Falcon - Mav and Teancum
Tie X1 - Mav and Teancum
Modding Assistance - TheKingOfDaThing
Capital Ship TurboLasers - esteroth
ODF Modding - SpaceYavin (ME!!!)
All the rest - SpaceYavin (ME!!!)

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