The Battle Of Hoth Tribute Video

Here is Super_Shadowman's 4th and Last tribute video. The Battle Of Hoth.

I watched this and wasn't attempted to turn it off or close the...


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Here is Super_Shadowman's 4th and Last tribute video. The Battle Of Hoth.

I watched this and wasn't attempted to turn it off or close the window. It is EXTREMELY Well Done. The Music fits the Pictures exactly. And the pictures them selfs are perfect. It depicts the story line of the Great Hoth battle we all know and love from Episode V: The Empire Strikes back.

I Highly Recommend you download this and give it a watch.

Great Work SS!


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Star Wars Battlefront II: The Battle Of Hoth Tribute Video - And then there was silence


This is the fourth and last tribute video from me recorded using Star Wars: Battlefront II. If you haven't seen the other tributes yet or even if you saw them and hated them, you should see this one. It is quite different from the rest, the choice of music especially (I still like Kayak, though.) This video deciphers the famous and totally awsome Battle of Hoth. The video is also fully subtitled with the lyrics of the song.

-Things that you should know-

This video is very different from the rest. For starters, instead of being a long picture slideshow showing lots of random action-filled shots, this movie follows a timeline. That means "introduction - ??? - ending". In other words, it shows the progress of the battle with many twists and turns and such. Another difference is that different transitions are used throughout the movie, instead of just the simple "Fade in - Fade out" used in the other tributes.
The biggest difference, however, is the music. Instead of what was used in the other tributes I went with something mighty, heavy and straight out awsome. I am, of course, talking about the song "And then there was silence" made by the German power metal band Blind Guardian. The song is really long (+13 minutes!) and is filled with different segments. To to mention that it ROCKS!!! Needless to say, the perfect song for such a magnificent battle.

No mods/maps were used making this video, apart from the Free Camera Mod.

Oh, and if you like the song, check out more of the stuff made by Blind Guardian. "And then there was silence" is just one of their songs and there are of tons and tons that are just as good or in most cases even better. For starters, you should visit their MySpace page and have a listen to the songs there. If you like them, check out their home page to buy an album! I'd recommend "Imaginations from the other side", but it is a tough call. Too many great albums to choose from.

Blind Guardian MySpace:
Blind Guardian Homepage:


Segment 1

00:00 - Introduction/Something will go wrong
01:10 - Regretfullness/We have been betrayed by the wind and the rain
01:45 - It begins! The final curtain will fall!
02:50 - Misguided counterattack/Welcome to the end
04:00 - Strategic Retaliation/And then there was silence
05:00 - Balancing forces/Good choice? Bad choice?
05:55 - Internal attacks!? Don't let them in!

Segment 2

06:50 - Massive assault/Never give up, never give in
07:40 - Decision/We live... We die...
08:40 - The last push/Unite, the end is near!
10:15 - Victory! The nightmare shall be over now, there's nothing more to fear!
11:40 - A new quest/The crack of dawn
12:10 - Epilouge/Still the wind blows
-Credits and Closure-

-This tribute was made by Super Shadowman. Feel free to use it in any way that you see
fit as long as you don't take any credit for making it.

-All the pictures were taken by Super Shadowman. Feel free to use them in any way that
you see fit as long as you don't take any credit for taking them.

-The video was subtitled by Super Shadowman. 'Nuff said.

-The official SS homepage can be found at
It contains tons of other SWBF II related stuff such as funny pictures and more tributes!

-Thanks to ~Penguin Unit~ from the SWBF Files Team for helping me resubmit this video when I forgot to attach it in the first e-mail.

-If you wish to contact me, please send an e-mail to "[email protected]" and make sure that the subject contains "SS".


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