The Cage Match

This map, by Dann_Boeing, is his fourth(?) iteration of his popular map, "The Cage Match."

I gave this map a try shortly after he release...


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This map, by Dann_Boeing, is his fourth(?) iteration of his popular map, "The Cage Match."

I gave this map a try shortly after he released it at Gametoast, hoping perhaps to get an improved perspective on the genre of "crazy maps" that I seem to usually dismiss offhand.

I'm kinda half-and-half, here.

First impressions are really important, and I'm disappointed to say mine wasn't that great. Almost immediately, I noticed that there were object misplacements. I found floors floating slightly off of nearby stairs, and I must say, I was baffled. I don't understand how a map can get to version 4.0 and there still be simple errors like this. That seemed totally uncalled for.

That being said, there are some truly nice aspects to this, too. As usual, Dann does a fantastic job on his textures, which, if unrealistic, are highly creative and high-quality. I especially like the level of detail in his jettrooper textures. Also, from what I understand, Dann doesn't use particle editor, and in light of that he's done a nice job with the particle effects, too.

He also does a nice job of being creative with his "world." I'm not a fan of how tacky some parts look, like the sheer terrain wall, which just looks bad. But the job he's done with his floating fortresses (etc.) is a very nice one and looks appropriate for the setting. And I must say that the stick figures with the giant mallets was hilarious. Don't know why, but it just made me giggle.

Unfortunately, the thing that gets me every time I play a map like this is how plain (and I know it might seem counter-intuitive that I use this word) the gameplay is. I remember specifically taking a unit to the enemy's command post in one of the modes and just holding down the fire button for about 5 minutes. I don't even think I really even had to watch the computer screen. Maybe I was just lucky that instance, but still, that's not terribly exciting gameplay for me. Likewise, I feel like every time I played it was just stand and shoot, no real strategy to it. Just shoot and hope you're not shot, because there's no dodging giant bombs that blow everything up.

In summary, there are some really well-done aspects to this map and some disappointing ones. Dann's shown that he's very proficient at making maps like this, and I know by seeing this that he's got a fine grasp of mapmaking skills. I'd love to see what he could do on a more realistic map.


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///////  THE CAGE MATCH   //////

-----Version 4.0-----

By: [SBF]DannBoeing

Filesize once Installed: 358MB

Map Description:
The Cage Match is a small arena on the edge Realm of Chaos bordering Pepperland (thats right where 2 dimensions meet :D ). Here, Teams from all eras and some new fight to the death. There are 2 main spawn areas that lead to a center battle arena through a small passageway. There is also a higher platform for sniping units. There are also several ways of getting OUTSIDE the cage, from where you can unlock 2 different Secret Arenas to battle in.  There are lots of other secrets outside the Cage as well.

There are 3 modes: 

Pwnquest (con) (Classic/Updated Chaos Units)
----CW - Reps vs CIS
----GCW - Rebs vs Imps

Pwnquest II (eli) (Special Units) 
----CW - [Reps + Rebs + Wampa] vs [Imps + CIS + Dark Wampa]
----GCW - Mutants vs The Droids

Stick Figure CTF (ctf) (Red Stick Men vs Black Stick Men, GCW only)

Chaos XL I (xl) (Like Pwnquest but with Tons of units)

Chaos XL II (hunt) (Like Pwnquest II but with Tons of units)

Updates from previous version:
Lots.  Lots lots lots.  Primarily tons of tiny weapon and skin enhancements and bug fixes.  The outside has been totally revamped with a second secret arena high up in the blood red clouds of the Realm of Chaos.  The Underground Secret Arena has also been revamped.  The Lower Floating Fortress and Cage Fortress have both been revamped with remote turrets for Fort Wars.  Lots of new weapons in the Droids vs Mutants mode.  I've also added a Stick-Man CTF mode using thunders new stick figure model and sledgehammer models.  Both have rifleman classes of stickmen and a Super stick man with a giant sledgehammer thats unlockable at 30 points.  I also gave all units tumble control like in my other updates.  I've also added a new weapon thats added to almost all units called the "Happy" bomb which basically just blows you up with a giant smiley face without doing any damage.  Just sends you flying.  Good fun.  Oh yeah, and thanks to Phazon_Elite, i also got some custom background music with songs from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, and the Steve Miller Band, as well as one song "Going Downtown" from my high school band "The Magical Space Ship to the Future."

Bugs/Issues:  The Chaos XL modes (hunt and xl) are very very chaotic, and require a good deal of system memory in order to run stabley.  If you have below 700MB of RAM, or a slow graphics card, these 2 modes, or possibly other modes may freeze or crash.  Stability online may also vary.  Other than that...ive actually fixed all the weapon bugs and balance issues i think.  Others may come up as the map is played online, server hosts should have good system memory etc or people may crash when map changes.

Install Instructions:
If you have any previous versions of this map remove the old CAG from addon *before install*

Then Simply run the installer and install the map to the *Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddonCAG" directory.  Installation should take a few minutes.  The default directory is C:Program FilesLucasartsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddonCAG.  

Make sure you know where your Star Wars Battlefront II Folder is and that you have enough space (358MB) on your computer before you install.  Once Installed, the map should appear on the instant action and multiplayer game menus.  

To uninstall the map, simply remove the CAG folder from addon.

Thunder for his Giant Sledgehammer model and infamous Stickfigure model.
Rancor for setting up a special combo for the sledgehammer.
FragMe for his Durge Swoop Bike Model
Gogie for his HK-47 model
Phazon_Elite for setting up a custom background music Sound LVL for the megazillionth time.
Everyone Else on Gametoast Who was Able to Help Me with this Map.

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