The Dark Side of the Moon

Ahoy mateys, today I bring to you this map made by Elfie911 entitled "The Dark Side of the Moon." No, not Earth's moon, but some other moon...


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Ahoy mateys, today I bring to you this map made by Elfie911 entitled "The Dark Side of the Moon." No, not Earth's moon, but some other moon in the Star Wars universe. Additionally, this is the author's first map.

The map itself is a big huge open field composed of Polis Massa textures. There isn't much terrain variation. (just a little at the outer sections of the map, which you won't find unless you want to walk in one direction for about five minutes with no signs of civilization anywhere.) The main feature of the map is the Polis Massa buildings, crates, computers, and such. The big problem here is that they are very poorly placed. Many of them are floating three feet in the air, so good luck getting in. There's a lot of invisible collision and such, so you'll probably end up getting stuck a lot. There seems to be no AI planning whatsoever as far as I was able to tell. There were six Command Posts, four of which were in the default positions. The other two were not added to the Conquest objective, and therefore, will not count towards reinforcement drain.

The map is playable in Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War Conquest, as well as Hero Assault. The author changed a couple of units around in Conquest, for example swapped the Super Battle Droid and Engineer for the Marine and Pilot. The heroes are default; Anakin for Republic, Maul for CIS, Han for Rebels, Boba for Empire. If I had to make a suggestion here, it would be to find some new units or make some yourself. After playing Battlefront II for two years, I am tired of playing the default units. Mix it up, add some new weapons, skins, etc. Also, some vehicles would have been nice for some of the open areas, although they would have gotten stuck amoung the Forest of Floating Polis Massa Buildings.

In conclusion, this map is far from being "complete" in my eyes. If I may offer a few tips to the author: Don't start off trying to make an indoors map. Play around with an open map, learn how to move and set up objects exactly how you want. Indoors maps require all the objects to be set up a specific way, otherwise there'll be a whole lot of holes and the map will look tacky. Also make sure all your objects are on the ground, because you can't walk into a house that's floating three feet above you. (You could jump and grab the edge, but you can't in Battlefront II, so yeah. And there's no floating houses in real life.) Another thing would be to mess around with the sides. Copy the Republic side into a map's side folder and change around the weapons and skins untill you find some neat new combinations that you like.

It seems like you've got some of the basics of mapping down, keep working at it and trying new things, and you'll become a great mapper.

Enjoy, and be sure to leave the author feedback.


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***The Dark Side Of The Moon******************************************************
Hey there. This is my first map, so don't be hard on me wih the comments. This is a standard map layout with 6 cps each team starting with three.
This map takes place on a deserted moon in the outskirts of the galaxy. It has two modes, conquest for clones wars and galactic civil war with those sides as follows:
for clone wars there are episode two clones vs. normal droids except i took out the super battle droid and rocketeer and replaced those with marines and pilots.
Glalactic civil war also has normal sides except i replaced the engineers and riflemen and replaced those also with marines and pilots since i know everyone loves the rebel pilots
and the smugglers just don't fit with all the other soldiers. The republic hero is anakin, the cis hero is darth maul, the alliance hero is han and the imp hero is bobba. 

CW story: After the trade federations embarissing defeat on geonosis the droids hide from the republic on a deserted moon and construct a base there. Soon the jedi council is aware of this and sends anakin and
a bunch of troops there to fight it out.

GCW story: Luke tries to find out more about his fathers life as a jedi and travels to the moon where his father was nd gets captured by imperial troops. Han and some rebels go to the moon to rescue luke.

The hero assault isn't just standard hero assault either. It has jedi knights and masters vs. sith lords.

Bugs: none that I know of other than you can get stuck in between buildings sometimes.

Installation: First create a folder called addon in your gamedata folder (if you haven't already done so) and make sure this is the same game data folder where your data/lvl_pc folder is located. Next move the folder DSM to addon and you should be all set.
Restart your game and in instant action look for the "dark side of the moon."

Enjoy and be careful which buildings you go into because you could get stuck! 

Note: dont edit this and then post it wihout my premission. Feel free to redistribuit it and put it on a cd though.

Contact: Feel free to send any questions comments concerns etc. to

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