The New Empire: Beach Assault

Hmm, well, this is interesting...

Here we have a fairly well made map, as far as that can go with a map already made by Pandemic (specifi...


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Hmm, well, this is interesting...

Here we have a fairly well made map, as far as that can go with a map already made by Pandemic (specifically, it's the Kashyyyk Island from BF1).

Most of the work has been done on the sides. Going along with the plot behind it, apparently Luke Skywalker has fallen to the Dark Side and allied himself with Darth Vader. Together, they have jointly begun an invasion of Kashyyyk to snuff out a Rebel outpost. In this mod, the skins make them look like the Black Hole Stormtroopers, and they all look quite Covert Ops. This may be a problem for you Rebellion fans out there, because the dark skins make spotting them hard (it's night time and the lighting was turned down significantly).

The rebels also have Leia as a normally selectable unit, requiring an unlock. She's a Jedi now, too, and the AI DOES spawn in as her, so you should watch yourself about that.

I only noticed a few minor bugs. For example, the sun is apparently out at night, and one of the troopers identified me (when playing as the Dark Trooper Phase X) as a turret. Then again, the laser cannon that unit carries sounds like a turret.

One more thing though. The Clone Wars era for the map is an Astromech droid battle.

~Penguin Unit~

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Download 'the_new_empire_beach_assault.exe' (25.98MB)

-------------- The New Empire: Beach Assault 1.0 -------------------------------
*********************  BY: ELFIE  **********************************************

This is the Readme for The New Empire Beach Assault by me, elfie. 


A map taking place in a Kashyyk like atmosphere in the middle of the night. 

Imperial troops attempt to storm the Rebel's beach and takeover their territory. 

It has a series of Shielded Anti aircraft turrets surrounding the cps as well as 

a Wookie Village, with rocks, trees, and grasses spread across the landstrips 

which have water inbetween. This map consists of a new sides setup, with many 

new skins, units, weapons and tons of new effects for each weapon.

--Game Modes--

This map has 2 modes: GCW Conquest with New Rebel Units vs. New Imp Units. As 

well as CW Conquest with Droid Assault, It is R4 droids vs. R4 droids. Each 

droid has a different weapon that is all new. :) 

The map also has flyers for each side, K-Wings for the rebels and Landing Crafts 

for Imps. Both have a new weapon with new effect: A Nuclear Torpedo. 


Luke betrays Ben and is seduced by the darkside. He listens to his father and 

kills the emporer, becoming his new apprentice. With Luke gone Leia learns the 

ways of the Force and becomes a jedi. Now they battle!

There are new heroes for both sides: Darth Skywalker, and Ben Kenobi. There is 

also Two unlockable units: Jedi Leia and Darth Vader. 


1. Run the installer
2. Click the icon with the three dots and browse to your addon directory located 

at default C:ProgramFilesLucasartsStarwarsbattlefront2Gamedata folder. If 

you do not have an addon folder create one there. 
3. Click Extract
4. Play the map.


Maveritchell- Obiwan skin
PvtParts - effects
Fluffy_the_ic - beta testing and input
NullCommando - beta testing and input

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