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After playing this, I seriously have to wonder what Knights of the Old Republic game elfie911 played, because it sure must have been differe...


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After playing this, I seriously have to wonder what Knights of the Old Republic game elfie911 played, because it sure must have been different than the one I did.

It's supposedly set on Telos, although this is nothing like the Telos I remember. It's also got some kind of "Sith Mercenaries" fighting, which look basically just like republic troops with Han Solo's face. Suffice to say, on a dark map with nearly identical uniforms, the fighting was a bit difficult to discern. And there are also Acclamators flying around? Bwuh?

And then there's the hero mode (GCW conquest). This is pretty terribly unbalanced. One side has a one-hit-kill weapon (which again begs the question, what game did elfie play?), while the other side has weapons that can potentially hurt their own team. Wheee.

The map itself is really far too large; you have to run for quite a while to find a battle. There are also a number of floating objects and a hangar that was rather poorly placed (because it has no polygons on the outside - you can see right through it).

You can tell that the author spent some time working on sides setup, but in the end the over-poweredness of some of the weapons and some uninspired textures don't really help the sides be what they could be. The map itself is also not a bad idea, but it was lacking in the following: workable size, polish (actually fix poorly-placed objects), accuracy to source material (at least check Wookieepedia, please).

I personally really like the KotOR era, and I'm all for seeing new stuff be made in it, but this is a fairly weak addition to the current selection. Give it a shot if you're into KotOR, I suppose.


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Download 'the_old_republic_sith_lords.exe' (29.64MB)

----The Old Republic: Sith Lords README---------------------------------------
------- By:elfie911-------------------------------------------------------------
Greetings! This is the readme for my new map: The Old Republic: Sith Lords. As you have probably guessed, it is based on the game KOTOR 2 during an assault on Telos after the Mandalorian wars. The map has two modes: Clone wars has a conquest with seven cps with one side being the Republic Soldiers and the other is the sith mercenaries which are more advanced troops. They also have custom commando like weapons like flamethrowers, and also some KOTOR 2 weapons with new effects. What is in this map you may ask? This map features:

-New force powers such as Heal, Shock, Statis (freeze), Force machine gun, Force explosion, Force burn, Force Quake, Force Valor, Force Scream, Force Storm, Force Wave, Master's Heal, Master's Choke, and Death Field, almost all of them coming from the Kotor series. 
-New weapons such as: Crossbow, Commando rifle, sonic pistol, Vibro Sword, ARC Bolt Action rifle, EMP Grenade, Ion Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Concussion Grenade, Deadly Frag Grenade, Poison Grenade, ARC Mercenary Flamethrower, Medpacs, Mandalorian Heavy Blaster, Force Pike, Arkanian Blaster, and Repeating Carbine.
- Over 23 new skins
- New objects such as: houses, statues, stone walls, chairs, crates, bins, urns, Plasteel Cylinders, consoles, ships, sinks, toilets and bases.
-Terrain that was featured in Kotor 2 such as jungle vegetation, mountains, rocks, trees and valleys.
-To top it all off There are also republic speeders spawning at every command post along with the famous Ebon Hawk spawning at the main hangar.
Tired yet? Well don't worry I won't explain everything that is in the map. If I did this would be 100 pages long. I will say this. Some force powers require you to have a full force meter. If you have half a meter and are trying to use a force power and it doesn't work then you now know why. Also some force powers and weapons may have cool down time if they overheat.

Well I guess that settles that. I highly recommend you download this map I really do believe that this is fun and something that is a nice diversion from the shipped maps in the game.

Installation: *Note this is not the standard addon format
1. Run the installer
2. click the button with the three dots and browse to your Addon folder located at default 
C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddon If you do not have an addon folder create one in your gamedata folder which also contains the folder labeled lvl_pc. 
3. click extract.
4. run BF2 and enjoy the map.

You can contact me via email at [email protected] or send me a PM on Gametoast if you want.

Credits: (Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. They are in no specific order.)

1. Skyhammer_216 
2. Snork - for ninja skin
3. Caleb117- for too many things to list here.
4. The_Emperor: the 3 Kotor like Duros skins
5. Repsharpshooter & Caleb117: Merc player model
6. FragMe! and Caleb117 for houses
7. MasterSaitek009 for force statis
8. sawyerdk9
9. M0v1ng7arg37
10. AceMastermind for lightsabers
11. t551 for T-21 mesh 
12. Repsharpshooter- Old republic skin
13. Gogie- Ebon Hawk Model
14. BFWEPinguin-ARC gun model
15. elfie (me) - everything else.

Enjoy the map!

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11 months ago by Jacker1112

can you post the assets used like the swords, skins and weapons please?


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