The Pwnfest




"The Pwnfest", by theITfactor, is probably the best example of how a map that doesn't take itself seriously can be really good at the same time. Unlike other maps of the wacky ilk, Pwnfest doesn't try too hard to make unit weapons look like "super-collossal-mega-ultimate" attacks, but instead concentrates on how the units are used and what can be done in the map.

No, it's not a realistic map, but while in most cases I would balk at this, it does a very good job at setting itself up to be the games arena it purports to be. The modes are nice and varied, but the best parts are the small, scripted minigames scattered throughout the level. They actually feel like something different and new, and that's all I want to see if I'm playing a map that's not leaning too heavily on the "conquest" setup that Battlefront's proven itself to be most adept at. There are also a number of small scripted events or just fun places to explore. As someone who really likes scripting stuff into his maps, I really appreciated the work that went into this and it's really neat to walk into a new area and hear a music trigger or see an animated elevator.

So what are you waiting for? If you like the whole "wacky," non-standard genre of maps, this is definitely worth a shot. If you're at all interested in trying something new, give this a shot. It's really fun to try out and definitely worth a couple playthroughs to see everything.




The Pwnfest
v3.0 Beta
By theITfactor

This map was designed to be the ultimate-all-in-one map!

To install: Run the executable and install to your addon directory.
To uninstall: Delete the PWN folder in your addon directory.

The basic layout of the map is a general square area consisting of two cps per team, with one more in the middle. However, there are two other cps that can only be reached through hidden tunnels, teleports, vehicles, and other methods of travel. Around the "main" area are tons of minigames, underground tunnels, secrets, etc. etc. that can be explored.

The goal for this map was to create a main playing area free of vehicles, plus other secluded areas for having fun in. This way if you are playing the game mode for real you can without interference, while if you are playing to explore, go on a quest, play some of the minigames like target practice or the target test, race around the race track, visit "The Lost Woods", etc., you can too ;)

Game Modes:
Conquest CW - All units are themed after {Pwn} Members, and all are snipers.
Conquest GCW - All units are themed after the top 1.1 SWBF2 clans, and all are snipers.
1-Flag CTF CW - All units are themed after {Pwn} Members, and all are snipers.
1-Flag CTF GCW - All units are themed after the top 1.1 SWBF2 clans, and all are snipers.
GCW Hero Assault - All units are themed after heroes not included in the shipped maps.
CW Hero Assault - Unfinished mode, but contains KOTOR and Nintendo characters
Race (access via 2-flag) - All units are themed after heroes not included in the shipped maps, and the objective is to complete three laps around the race track (Now working - one team is spectators, the other is racers!)

Note: I only consider the best 1.1 clans for the units, not 1.0.

Mara Jade Skywalker, Aurra Sing, Durge, Komari Vosa, Prince Xizor, IG-88, Cin Drallig, Sharad Hett, Luminara Unduli, Plo Koon, Qui Gonn Jinn, Shaak Ti, Yuuzhan Vong, Motoko Kusanagi, Asajj Ventress, Zam Wesell, Kirby, Samus Aran, Darth Revan, Darth Malak, HK-47, {Pwn} snipers, SWBF2 clan snipers, and many more.

Command Shuttle, Naboo Starfighter, Scarab, Ornicopter, Catamaran, Swamp Speeder, Sith Speeder, Light Attack Speeder, Mandalorian Virago, Zam Wesell's speeder, Ford Explorer, Toyota Camry, Durge's Speederbike, and many more.

Sniper rifle, Sticky Colored Grenades, Seismic Grenade, DC-15 Carbine, Hold Out Blaster, Lightsabers, Force Fire, Force Wave, Force Judgement, Disc Gun, and countless more.

There are MANY things to do in this map, and some secrets I don't want to tell you in this readme (you can talk about them in the comments though).

If you can not find them all yourself, you can contact me on Xfire, my username is theitfactor

Main features:
-Sniper modes
-Race mode
-Unique hero assault modes
-Target Practice Minigame
-Underground Tunnels
-Shoot the Targets Minigame
-A Minigame from “Mario Party”
-“Launcher” Minigame
-Two Story Maze
-“The Lost Woods” Minigame from Zelda
-Elevators and Teleporters
-tons more secrets

To sum everything up, this map can be played both as a real game or for fun, although I would classify it more as a fun map that is guaranteed to provide you many hours of fun.

Known bugs:

The teleport near the Pwn House teleports you into midair and kills you
AI on the GCW Conquest and 1-Flag modes crashes the map
Online play works in some modes, but crashes between maps


Weapons, Units, Effects, Models, Props, etc.
Dragonum - Kashyyyk models
Caleb1117 - Packs 1-3
OOM-9 - DC-15 Carbine
Teancum et al. - Conversion Pack assets
Challenger3 - Force Fire, Visor, and other weapons
Redline - Dead Units
Skyhammer_216 - Effects and some weapons
Crazy_Ewok - Kirby
Darth Z - Samus
Taivyx - Some cool weapons
trainmaster611 - Billboard and Hexagon
RepSharpShooter - Guitars, Stage, Sphere, Alderaan pisol, MshEx, and other models, 
FragMe! - Custom Icon tutorial, flaming text, Camry and Explorer, Durge's swoop, terrain cutters, and other models
Elfie - R2D2
Hebes24 - Orbital Strike Beacon
Vyse - Sound tutorial
Wazmol - Plageuis
Dragonum - Female clone trooper
psych0fred - assets
Thunder - stick figure
t551 - t21 weapon
Syth - Bossk
Gogie - Malak, Revan, and HK-47

Additional thanks especially goes out to phazon_elite for compiling the music for me, Maveritchell and Zerted for the race mode, as well as their excellent help with lua scripting, RepSharpShooter, FragMe!, and trainmaster611 for creating models for me

And lastly DannBoeing, Zerted, Qdin, Caleb1117, phazon_elite, Maveritchell, RepSharpShooter, FragMe!, Zerted, and the whole GT community for all their help and support

..and everyone else I might have missed (a LOT of people helped with this, so if I forgot to include you in the credits then PLEASE send me a pm/email and I will add you right away).

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