The Rancor Doomstar Finale

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space map, by MetalcoreRancor, is a large flying arena surrounded by... something. I'm honestly not sure what.In any case, it is very similar thematically and visually to the author's other maps, which is usually a heaping teaspoon of crazy combined with an ounce of odd geometry and a pinch of "please-make-the-textures-and-the-UVs-match-your-models-a-little-better-please."The experience is one similar to most space maps - there are ships with critical systems and smaller starfighters to assault these with, although the starfighters have some strange weapons on them. Some of them are clever - I liked the "sniper turret" weapon (although it was all too easy to turn around and see your own vessel with it, which breaks the immersion a touch) - and some of them are simply strange (I couldn't figure out why it was I was supposed to be wanting to use the X-Wing's secondary weapon, which seemed to have the effect of shaking my screen and doing damage to me but nothing else).Anyway, there are a whole group of people to whom this map is more aimed than I, and so to those people I say "tally ho!" Here is the map, below are the screenshots, judge and download as you see fit.-MavPlease use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" buttonhttp://www.gamefront.com/files/21215943/Rancor_Doomstar_Finale_1_0_rar


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