The Rihaken: River of Kashyyyk

Once in a while a map comes along here that reminds me why I enjoy reviewing maps, and I'm glad to say that this is one of those maps.



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Once in a while a map comes along here that reminds me why I enjoy reviewing maps, and I'm glad to say that this is one of those maps.

The Rihaken, by MasterSaitek009, is not just a fantastic map, it's a great example of how putting your effort into a smaller map can yield tremendously positive results. This is a small map centered on a small island in the middle of the river, and make no mistake about it, this is a beautiful map. The setting is immersive; from the docks leading down to the river to the destroyed Wookiee huts by the CIS's starting CP, this map makes you feel like you're in the setting that was described - a phenomenon all too rare.

Gameplay-wise, all the modes are really solid. The use of AI heroes and locals makes conquest a really fun mode. Having a nice hunt mode to tie in with the story is just icing on the cake. There's also a hero assault (CW) featuring Conversion Pack heroes as well as the stock hero assault (GCW).

There's one notable bug, an issue with playing more than one mode in a row in instant action. It'll cause a CTD. Make sure you don't add more than one mode to the instant action selection box at once when you play.

Do I recommend this map? Absolutely. You should all download this and at least give it a try - it's a great example of what a good Battlefront II map can look like.


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Download 'rihaken_v1_0.exe' (18.65MB)


				The Rihaken: River of Kashyyyk


Version 1.00
Author: Saitek009
Requirments: Conversion Pack 1.7.9 or higher


				*****Time period: Clone Wars, Shortly before Order 66*****


	A battered looking commando rushed into the camp of Senior General Luminara Unduli. Two months ago he and two of his brothers had been sent out on advance recon and to train resistance fighters in the better defense their homes. They were instructed to go to a small Wookiee village on an island in the middle of a river known as 'The Rihaken'.

	The breathless commando brought news. "Rihaken... *cough*... is *gasp* attack..."

	When the commandos had arrived at the village they had started instructing the locals on the best way to defend the village in case of attack. But while they were there the CIS made their move. The Rihaken sector was simply too tempting because of it's strategic posistion on the river. If the CIS were to control it they could block up all shipments going up and down the river. The commandos suddenly had their hands full simply trying to stay alive.

	While helping defend the island from small recon attacks, two commandos perished. The third, when he had deemed the Wookiees fit to defend themselves temporarily, stealthfuly made his way through the blockade back to high command, to get an attack force to relieve the Wookiees.

	Luminara Unduli decided has decided lead the attack. The attack force will rely on speed, thus only IFT-X, BARC Speederbike and Swampspeeder class vehicles will be taken along. The CIS already had AAT's and STAP's moving into posistion for the attack on the commando's departure. 

	According to the commando the wookiee's have two aging Orthinopter's to aid in the defense. The only thing they can hope for is to find the island in one piece. The Rihaken's only hope rests on the shoulders of the Wookiees and those the Jedi Master Luminara. 

				*****Time period: New Republic Era*****


Once again, the small island in The Rihaken is under attack, not this time by the CIS for the sake of sowing destruction and exterminating the native Wookiees, but by the Empire for the sake of free labor for all of it's "science" projects. 
	Before all their transmissions were jammed, the small island, managed to get out a short message to the New Republic. A plea for help. A plea that will not go unanswered. The New Republic has recieved the message and is ammassing an attack force lead by the Jedi Knight Lowbacca.

The Empire is rising once more, trying to regain what it lost at Endor: It's image of fear!


Game Modes:

-Conquest - Standard

-Hunt - The Wookiees have 150 reinforcements and CIS/Empire have unlimited. The Wookiees must try to survive for 5 minutes and the CIS/Empire must try to eliminate all Wookiee reinforcements. Inspiration from +123 mod. Thanks, ]v[ !

-Hero Assault CW: New Hero Assault

-Hero Assault GCW: Standard heroes



-If you put more than one of the Rihakens game modes into your instant action playlist the second one will almost unfailably make BF2 crash. I have no idea what causes this. You can't even use the debug version of BF2 to see what's going on with it because BF2_modtools.exe doesn't do playlists.   



-Open this Self-Extracting 7-Zip archive and extract it to your GameData/Addon folder.


Many thanks for:

::::Saving me from Eternal Death and allowing me to make this map::::
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ


::::Units, Weapons, Vehicles and Models::::
Majin Revan


::::AI Hero Support and other scripting help::::

::::Beta Testing::::


Colossions 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men."


Feedback? E-mail me at Computer9Guru AT gmail DOT com

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