"TheBloodLands" is a map that'll feel pretty familiar to you that've played desert-type maps before. It's a pretty standard desert map,...


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"TheBloodLands" is a map that'll feel pretty familiar to you that've played desert-type maps before. It's a pretty standard desert map, with all the appropriate rock formations etc.

The map is a step up from the author's previous contribution, but there are still some notable issues. First of all is the fact that not all the command posts were added to the .lua, so the game will begin its countdown to victory (or defeat) potentially before all the CPs are actually captured by one team. Additionally, while the author went ahead and added some objects to this one, there are still a bunch of object placement errors - you can see a lot of "floating" objects or places where the objects don't intersect with terrain/objects like they should.

A couple other points of preference might be to change the sky - which is by default a sky that doesn't work well for any map you can see the edges of, adding in some med/ammo droids, and to perhaps add some vehicles to an otherwise spread-out map.

It's a decent early attempt, and much better than the past effort, but with some polish something like this could be much nicer.


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Hello this my second map so far my first map wasn't the greatest.....hmm...ya..any ways this map has alot more to offer then my first this map has 10 custom placed commandposts 5 for one team and 4 the other...(when i made it 5 and 5 it said victory in 20 seconds) so i just worked around it and made 5 and 4 not very much of a differnce seeing as how u can capture the cp that wouldent work.This map also has different terrian not the default one that my other map had,Tons of placed objects from diffrent maps,no viechles(they wouldent show)so i made the map somewhat small so u wouldent be running for ever just to get a kill then die.If people give me some feedback on this ill keep this map and keep working to make it better based on the feedback..that about sums it all up...continuing on to install this map unzip the folder anywhere you choose i recomend you desktop but thats just me then extract the files after that put the WHOLE file TBL into you addon folder witch is found here MYCOMPUTER/CDRIVE/PROGRAMFILES/LUCASARTS/STARWARSBATTLEFRONT2/GAMEDATA/ADDON	then just paste that folder TBL there and then load up battlefront2 find the map in your map list then click and play! the the maps called the TheBloodLands!

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