Tientia: Naval Engagement

Tientia: Naval Engagement, fiodis's second map is a "Battle over water" map and is done in a very nice way.

Its a pretty fun map. There a...


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Tientia: Naval Engagement, fiodis's second map is a "Battle over water" map and is done in a very nice way.

Its a pretty fun map. There are Kamino, Kashyyyk, and Mygeeto platforms where CP's are located at them and are spread throughout a lake. The lake is surrounded by high mountains so there is no escaping battlefield. To get around without drowning there are speeder bikes and other hovering vehicles to ride on that spawn at CP's. He also used some simple animations to make a couple of Tatooine Skiff's move across to other platform(s) so in case you don't want to drive you can take the ferry or should I say skiff!

There is only one mode -- Clone Wars Conquest and the sides contain various units and one unit that caught my attention was the Scuba. This unit can put out a shield so when he goes under water for a long period of time it doesn't take away his health but you have to turn it on before you go under the water to be able to use it.

As far as bugs and disadvantages go I did notice a couple. On the Kamino platform once you get off it can be a little tricky getting back on depending on the vehicle you use because you go right through the edges where there is a mound of ground. And when the AI spawn some of them go underwater where they walk around until they die. Its not a really big deal because this affects both sides and still keeps them pretty even but it does make Conquest shorter and has less units on the battlefield so be sure to put up the reinforcements before playing.

So yeah, there you have it, if it sounds like something you would be interested in give it a download.

-Delta 47

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Download 'nav.zip' (118.26MB)

Tientia: Naval Engagement


This is my second-ever map,I hope you like it.  It uses the concept of having a battle over water using hovering vehicles.  

This is version 1.  More will be added in version 1.5.  

NOTE - For the Diving units, use the shield as an oxygen bubble.  

To install:

Go to C:ProgramFiles/LucasArts/SWBFII/GameData and create a folder called Addon if you haven't already done so.  

Copy and paste NAV into the Addon folder.  


YouJediJunkie - For the Hover Tank and FAT Droid models  

Skyhammer_216 - For numerous weapons used throughout the map  

DEVISS-REX - For the Mercernary model  

If there is anyone I have forgotten to credit, please let me know.  This list seems too short, but I can't think of who I might be forgetting.  

Ah, yes, 

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