Toola: Frozen Tundra v1.1

Well, here's a map I wasn't expecting. Darth_Z13 graces us with a new map: Toola: Frozen Tundra. Now, there's a lot of neat stuff here, a...


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Well, here's a map I wasn't expecting. Darth_Z13 graces us with a new map: Toola: Frozen Tundra. Now, there's a lot of neat stuff here, and I never fully explored it (I have SWBF2 open even as I'm writing this), but from the stuff I did explore, it was a very thoroughly tested map. I might have missed a few messed up things, but otherwise I saw nothing wrong with it.

To start, the first thing I noticed were the units. All of the units are decked out in a very stark white color, which blends in well with the snow. I had trouble killing off some of the droids because of how well they blended in. Next I noticed that the icon for the DC-15A is so large it almost entirely covers the first digit of your ammo number. This didn't bother me too much, but at first I thought it said I had 18 ammo, instead of 185. I almost thought it was one of those mods that makes the DC-15A a single-shot rifle.

Then I noticed that the sidearm is the DC-15s, made to have infinite ammo. This helps contribute to the realism of it all, in my opinion. While firing the various weapons in my posession, I noticed that the projectiles reflected that of Majin Revan's RotE units, using a coreless, thin blue laser. Besides all this, I just want to mention that the Clone Troopers are white Galactic Marines.

Then there's the map itself. It is very well built, along with appropriate texture usage. The Clone Turbo Tank got my attention instantly. Sorry, you can't drive that thing, but it functions like an LA-AT; as a destructible command post, even though it doesn't move :cool:.

And here you go. It's a great map. I highly suggest you download this, despite the filesize.


~Penguin Unit~

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Download 'toola_v11.1_ff.rar' (69.86MB)

-Toola: Frozen Tundra v1.1-

On the frigid Outer Rim world of Toola, a Republic task force led by Jedi Master Kai Hudorra, engages Separatist forces in battle... -From Wookieepedia

Sides: Cold Assault Troopers, Jedi General Kai Hudorra and Commander Keller

Vehicles: STAP x2, TX-130S fighter tank x2, AAT x2

Command Posts: CIS: Two Standard CPs, One Shield Generator CP
Republic: Two Standard CPs, One Crashed A6 Juggernaut

-Contact Info-
Created by Darth_Z13
E-Mail: [email protected]

-Critics Rave-
"Awesome gameplay that will never cease to amaze me. For the lack of a better word, I'd say this current version is perfect." -RevanSithLord

"Great Work! Very fun map." -DarthDeathRow

"Amazing map, really a great improvement! Compared to the version you entered into the Mappack 4 competition, this version is.....bowchickawowwow!!!"

"WoW! great map! The map could easily be one of my favorites now -- Huge improvement from the first release!"- Elmo


(# meaning your drive name, computers may differ)

Move BOT to #:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon folder.


(# meaning your drive name, computers may differ)

Remove BOT from #:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon folder.

(in no particular order)

[RDH]Zerted- Load Screen Tutorial
Wazmol_69- Snow CIS Skins
The Conversion Pack People- Asajj Ventress
-_- - Kai Hudorra Windu Animation Problem Fix
OOM-9- DC-15 Carbine
Dragonum, Jawakiller and DooFi- A6 Juggernaut
CGArtist- The Sky
squipple- Banner
ARC_commander- Commander Keller skin
]v[- Keller's chaingun
Darth_Maul- Rainshadow tutorial
FragMe!, RevanSithLord, Elmo, authraw, Hebes24, trainmaster611, commander_fusion- Beta Testing
Mike Z, Majin Revan and FragMe!- Getting the icon back into the HUD
trainmaster611- For suggesting to use the Wampa smash instead of Windu's
Elmo- Fire
archer01- AI Hero Script
Qdin- Clone Bodies
Pahricida, wazmol69 and Rekubot- DC-15A Blaster Rifle
MajinRevan- Blue Laser Bolt
DYFX- White Clone Skin
Ipodzanyman- Lighting Tutorial
phazon_elite, MajinRevan, authraw- Sound Help
Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars Clone Wars- Sounds
Cmdr_Fusion- Ideas
George Lucas- Obvious Reasons

-Other Stuff-
The ARC-170's are AI controlled. You CAN NOT get into them and they will not land.
I couldn't get boundarys working so there are death regions outside of the battlefield. You will be killed immediately if you leave the area.

You may NOT in any way put the elements of this level into your mod/map without my permission.


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