Torus: Zing Assault

This update to the original Torus Zing Assault includes new skins, fixed glitches and bugs, and tweaks that improve gameplay.



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This update to the original Torus Zing Assault includes new skins, fixed glitches and bugs, and tweaks that improve gameplay.

So, this new upload system is pretty neat. It saves us at least an hour or so on our end, which is good for reviewing because it means the review is fresh on our minds when it's finally done uploading.

In the case of this map, though, maybe not being fresh on my mind would have been better.

This was a very sloppy map. The author certainly tried, you can see that he mixed up the skins a bit and didn't just make a flat map, which is nice. Unfortunately there's a long list of glaring errors: 1)No loadscreen (This takes 10 minutes, people, and it adds a lot. Try it.) 2) Missing foliage textures. All you need is a couple playthroughs to notice something like this. 3) Incorrect hero voiceovers. 4) Glitchy weapons (one weapon can cause a CTD, and it's an easily-fixable error). 5) Poor, poor balance (it's a horribly one-sided fight, since one side has a hero unit as a basic unit - the same side also has more units on the battlefield). 6) Captureable CP that doesn't count towards the conquest objective (meaning you don't capture all the CPs to win - this shouldn't be hard to fix). 7) Wrong animationset on "Emperor" hero (if you do a jump or a dash attack the unit will become unuseable unless you roll out). 8) Loaded entire Alliance and Imperial sides to make sides of 2 and 3 units apiece 9) Sides only have 2 or 3 units apiece

This map seriously needs some work. This honestly shouldn't be more than a beta version of this map, and in the future I would recommend getting a few testers to make sure something like this doesn't slip out.

The one positive thing I will note about this map is that because there were about 10 Leias on the field at once the player gets to hear most of the Leia hero voiceovers, and I got to hear one I hadn't before: "The Princess has entered the battlefield. I know most of you haven't seen a woman in three years, but let's try and act professional about this."


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*****Torus: Zing Assault v1.1 side update*****/////////////
Hello and thank you for reading the readme of the update of Torus: Zing Assault. This update features improved sides which fixes several major errors that were in the last version. The update features:
 *new skin for the leia unit
 *more even sides since I made the leia unit a lot weaker by changing her hero blaster into a standard alliance pistol.
 * reskined each unit to make darker and more real textures to add a more real atmosphere.
 *skinned vehicles, made the hal fighter which was originally the snowspeeder textures now blue and red. I also made the imp speeder black and the imp tank black and orange,the zinger colors. 
* fixed weapon problems, the game will no longer crash no matter what weapons you use or keys you press.
* fixed emperor anim. problem.
* all capturable cps are on the conquest objective.
the map is now majorly improved with these updates and more fun and realistic. Hope you enjoy it!

Installation: Installing: Move, extract or copy the folder TOR from the zip file to your games addon folder. If you do not have an addon folder create one in your game's gamedata folder.

contact: you can contact me by email. My email is

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