Tritia Desert Ruins - Battlefront 2 Version



Tritia Desert Ruins Battlefront 2 version - this map has every side againts one another with all of their ground vehicles each era allows you to play as two of the teams in the cw era the droids and clones are playable in the gcw empire and rebels in 1 flag clones and empire in 1 flag gcw empire and droids in 2 flag cw rebels and clones in 2 flag gcw rebels and droids the other game modes are also conquest there is no 1 flag or 2 flag.

does not require the 1.3 patch and is playable in the steam version.

also supports ai hero script you will see each factions hero on the map if you use rayman 1103 hero script.

Thanks to rayman1103 for his rumble conquest scripts and the assistance he gave me



paste kor into your addon folder

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