You know the tunnels of the Hoth level? You know, Echo Base? Well, this is pretty much an extension of that particular area made into a map....


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You know the tunnels of the Hoth level? You know, Echo Base? Well, this is pretty much an extension of that particular area made into a map. Although there are no vehicles, starships, turrets, edited weapons/etc in this map, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad! The layout and lack of imagination takes care of that.

The map is playable on both eras but only on Conquest mode. Each team starts out with two Command Posts, one at the far end of the map and one a little nearer the enemy. The battle is pretty much an endless corridor struggle, and I'm not talking about the glamorous kind. Unlike those, you can't really move around because the corridors are too small! There is some boxes that can be used for cover a little here and there (Doesn't help against grenades, though), but some of the longer corridors are straight and wide open - Leaving YOU wide open to any enemy snipers at the end of the corridor. Actually, you could place a sniper at the end of a corridor and let him take care of every enemy. Even if the enemy sends out hundreds of troops at the sniper, it would be like the first 15 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" just that there's one guy causing all that mayhem to your reinforcements. There's even an ammo droid nearby in case he runs out of ammo after copping 56 enemies in the head in a row. How thoughtful.

So that's it? Long, twisted corridors? Actually, there is one special thing in this map. At one area, the corridor turns into a room with two hang bridges as seen in the back parts of Echo Base. Unlike Echo Base, instead of a bottomless pit below the bridges there is some cool glowing liquid. Actually, calling it liquid would be wrong as you can stand on it perfectly fine. This adds a little parachute to the falling plane, but sadly isn't enough to stop it from turning into a complete wreck.

This map is set back by some things that cannot be ignored and I fail to see why anyone would want this when they have the original Hoth map. If you are looking for a map with long tunnels of sniper dominance, then this is the map for you! If you are looking for a map containing anything else, however, keep searching.

Overall rating: 2/10

- Super_Shadowman "I'm too old to give up, but too young to rest!"

(PS: I rezipped the file to .zip as the .rar format is impossible to unzip for some users)

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Name: DarkSith_DarthVader
Email: darksith_darthvader@gmx.net
Mapname: Tunnels
Game: Starwars Battlefront2
Description: Nice tunnel map for Fun! See yourself and download it!
Category: Maps

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