This map, by "Yankfan," is a large-ish map set on a Yavin-esque planet.

It's a pretty decent map. The environment is well-done (although...


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This map, by "Yankfan," is a large-ish map set on a Yavin-esque planet.

It's a pretty decent map. The environment is well-done (although it does feel a lot like Yavin IV, simply because that's what the majority of the props were), although I noticed some floating objects here and there around the edges of the map that really contrasted badly with the rest of the scenery. Of special note was the job done on the sky - using the canopy (from either Kashyyyk or Endor, I can't remember) with the nighttime sky made for a nice effect.

The CP setup works well, although some of them feel a little too close together - that close, and it means the AI autobalance (what the game uses to balance AI against human players) really tilts the battle in favor of the AI's team. So it'll either be a "more challenging" experience or a "unwelcomed-ly challenging" experience - your mileage may vary.

There are also some changes made to the sides - they are fairly similar to the stock sides (although all the names of the weapons are "correct," which makes for a bit more cluttered screen when trying to figure out who has what), and some new units have been added. The units of note are the pseudo-heroes added for either side (unlockable heroes, basically). This is fine, because it'll let the AI play as heroes, but there's really no incentive to play as normal units once you have access to these, because they're so overpowering (the REP hero/unit is especially ridiculously strong). I think setting this up with the AI hero support script would have been a lot better, because it provides the AI heroes without the "getting to play as a hero all the time" business.

All in all, it's a pretty good map. Give it a download if you like.


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Download 'mp_osu.zip' (64.96MB)


Copy OSU to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon or wherever else your addon folder is in BF2 if you do not have one then you must make a folder named "addon" and place the folder "OSU" there.


Well I'm back and this was one of the first map ideas I had it's called Tygina and it's basically a forest with Yavin ruins...sounds boring right...well i did something that most mods (in my opinion) don't do which is edit the gameplay but still keep that BF2 feel.  I changed the sides a lot so there are now 8 units and a playable hero that sometimes shows up in game..so beware of being attacked by a sith...also i made the game more relaistic by lowering the battledroids' health but increasing their speed.  The B-1 battledroid is now the primary unit instead of the B-2 Super Battle Droid.  Also each unit is custom skined (thanks to a_speck_of_dust for the commander skin and xXxINSANITYxXx for the clone trooper skin.  

Copy Right
xXxINSANITYxXx for the trooper skin
a_speck_of_dust for the commander skin
Everything else including the Clone Defender and the name Tygina are mine so please don't use them without my permission.

Screenshots can be found at these links

I may make another version of this map but I highly doubt it.


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