Here is Version 2.0 of the recently released "Tygina" by YaNkFaN. I didn't play Version 1.0 so I won't be able to provide a comparison for y...


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Here is Version 2.0 of the recently released "Tygina" by YaNkFaN. I didn't play Version 1.0 so I won't be able to provide a comparison for you but the author has listed the changes in the ReadMe, and if you played the original then I'm sure you'll notice the differences. As for now I'll just give you my impressions of the map.

The setting isn't too original -- it looks a lot like Yavin IV, but YaNkFaN manages to balance this out with a well-constructed map that looks quite professional. The Yavin props have been recolored to a bluish-gray tint that makes a subtle but noticeable difference. I have to say that sometimes I really get tired of seeing those sickly-yellow Yavin ruins in maps so I really appreciated this simple change. I wish more mappers who use stock assets would do this -- it's relatively easy to do (it takes little time or effort) yet it can make a world of difference. It's an ideal alternative to creating your own models.

Though the map seemed nicely put together and polished, I can't speak with 100% certainty for a few reasons:

-First, the map is quite dark and there's a fair amount of foliage scattered everywhere. Although this does create a nice ambiance for the map it also impairs the player's vision. Maybe it's just me but I had a difficult time navigating around through the map and spotting enemies because it was so dark. It was especially difficult playing as the Republic. Our asses were thoroughly kicked.

-Second, there are lots of units on the field at once and the CP's are fairly close together. This makes the map constantly frenetic and it can be fairly frustrating for players who aren't exactly "Battlefront masters." You always have to be on your feet and in a safe position. It gets a little tiring.

These two factors combined together kind of detract from the gameplay for me, personally, and it hindered my ability to get a thorough look at the map. Straining my eyes to see while ceaselessly being fired at is, erm... less than fun. But who knows, there's a strong possibility that I might just be making a mountain out of a mole hill. You'll have to see for yourself.

Overall YaNkFaN has put together a well-polished and professional-looking map. The map does feature new sides for all factions which is always a plus (I had a hard time figuring out how to use the Republic hero's primary weapon, though). My only qualms are the lighting and the number of units, and maybe the CP arrangement. But again, this is a nicely-done map that is worth taking the time to check out.

PS: Players with older PCs or video cards should note that the amount of foliage, water, and units in the map might slow down their game so I'd recommend lowering your settings before playing.


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Download 'mp_tyginav2.zip' (106.94MB)


Updates to vs 2.0
Custom Load Screen Fixed
Added Dc-15s Carbine
Added AI Hero Script so Heroes act normally now as well as AI can be heroes
Localized Everything
Added ALL and IMP custom side
Rep Units are now mainly Felucia Sniper but along with old skin on some units
Changed some skins with ALL and IMP side
Commander Weapon is now changed
AI tweaked a little
Lasers have been fixed
Added EMP grenade and new hud for it to the REP side
Reskinned Yavin textures to a new "bluestone" look

[email protected]

Special Thanks to

HUD Fixing
Mike Z for the original code
Majin Revan for his efforts and for making the topic
and FragMe
FragMe for the haywire detonator hud icon
Zerted for Custom Loading Screens and Free Cam
OOM-9 for DC-15 model
666rulerofclones for the EMP Grenade Assets
archer01 for the Hero Script
DEVISS-REX for his help with "hudding"
xXxINSANITYxXx for the trooper skin 
a_speck_of_dust for the commander skin and darth grafe skin
Everything else including the Clone Defender and the name Tygina are mine so please don't use them without my permission.


Copy OSU to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon or wherever else your addon folder is in BF2 if you do not have one then you must make a folder named "addon" and place the folder "OSU" there.

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