=UF= Clan Map BETA



Multiplying maps, Batman! Another map with a Yavin IV theme!

At least this one has the courtesy to spread the love a little bit over towards Kashyyyk.

Once again, a mostly linear map that runs through a forest in the center. It reminds me somewhat of an ideal setting to play capture the flag (CTF with running and tagging, not with blasters and stormtroopers). The Republic seems to start with a bit of an advantage, since they've got a fairly fortified position versus the CIS's relatively open CPs.

It's also worth noting that the capture regions (and spawnpaths) of the back two (originally CIS) CPs are reversed, so when you "capture" one, you're really capturing the other. To the author: might want to fix that. I also noticed a floating ammo droid near one of the Republic CPs.

A decent submission for a clan map, though.




=UF= Clan Map BETA 1

Hello all, I got another map for you.

The =UF= Clan map at the request of =UF=ldr.slicer

To Install:

Just unzip the folder URF and put it into your addon folder (if you haven't one, go make it in your gamedata folder, no capitals)

Thanks to:

ldr.slicer, for the idea and great support

(WGO)Rancor, for his rancor model, which isn't in this version


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