Ultimate Galactic Battleground



texture as a ground texture with a Coruscant skydome texture as a detail texture.I do not know if this is carew's first map (and if it is not, please forgive my ignorance), but it feels very much like one. On top of the strange ground are various objects sort've scattered (and feeling out-of-place, thanks to the ground) all around. Many of them are Yavin objects, which match well with the Yavin sky... which, as always, should have been changed.In any case it was very hard to take stock of the map as a whole; I was very distracted by the ground the whole time. I cannot imagine what possessed the author to do this, but I earnestly request that it is not used again - it doesn't look like... well, anything, really. It doesn't make a setting, it is just very off-putting and strange. It's tough to create a good map from the ground up when the first part (the ground) doesn't really represent anything.In any case, if the screenshots appeal to you (maybe you like the ground?), go ahead and give it a try.-Mav


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