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This is a Menu Screen I made with the planets Tatooine and Rhen Var on a starry back ground. I also source edited font color and a little text... read me explains the rest

This menu screen by unit106 is a little divergence from the norm (of map submissions, that is). It's a very simple menu screen with a bit of a SWBF1 feel. There's only one screen for each part of the menu, which may seem redundant, but it's not a very intrusive picture in the first place so it's not terribly noticeable. Give it a shot.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-=unit106&apos;s Menu Screen=-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
OK this is my first SWBF II file. I made the photo from pics on internet and basically green screened them together. it has custom sounds,a changed text+text color (I source edited several files for people who want to find out more on how to change font color {see contact info} and i&apos;ll explain), and a custom cursor. give it a download and review (with helpful suggestions plz,i need all the suggestions i can get) and i will come out with a better version made from your suggestions.

go to your SWBF II directory and back up the whole folder called Install (which is 6.5MB) to a safe location in case you want to uninstall. click on the file &quot;106MS&quot; and set file path to the Install folder in your SWBF II file directory and overwrite the files (remember you have backed up the whole folder now start SWBF II and the menu screen will have changed

now take the Install folder you backed up and paste it in the SWBF II directory and overwrite the files. the menu screen is now back to normal.

>>contact info<<
if you have any questions post, xfire unit106, or email [email protected] dot com
please no spam

Jesus Christ my savior and friend 
Delta 47 for his great menu screen tutorial
George Lucas for creation of Star Wars
Pandemic for creation of SWBF II

For the minimize button to work you have to hit the upper right corner
of the box (don&apos;t know why yet)

>>Legal Stuff<<
You must first get my permission before distributing this file
I&apos;m not a part of Lucas Arts

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