Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.2 Patch




Boy, are you guys in for a treat today. Here we have the Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.2 Patch by RepSharpshooter. Keep in mind that this is a fan-made patch, not an official LucasArts release.

The goal of this mod is to up your visual experience while still allowing you to play online with others who may not have the patch. Upon loading up a map after you've installed the mod, one of the first things you may notice is a new HUD. (Heads Up Display) I think the new HUD is awesome, but if you dislike it for any reason, simply go into C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA and run the file "GET_RID_OF_HUD.bat" Likewise, there is a .bat file to restore the HUD if you change your mind.

Some of the other changes include new weapon models. The rifle carried by Clone Troopers has been replaced by a carbine. The Rebel pistol has been changed to the DH-17. The chaingun has been changed to the ARC Rifle. And all the heroes have their unique lightsabers from the movies. But it doesn't end with the weapons. The units have been env-mapped -- meaning they're shiny -- but only when appropriate. (Such as on battle droids, stormtroopers, etc.) All the clone skins have been modified, and the Clone Commander has been changed from a Galactic Marine to a 501st Commander. (Commander Appo?) The MagnaGuards have been given capes, and now explode into MagnaGuard chunks rather than Battle Droid chunks.

I could go on forever about this mod, but I'll stop here and let you enjoy this mod for yourself. Make sure to read the readme, and leave feedback for the author!




Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II 1.2 Patch

To install, run installer; to uninstall, run uninstaller on start menu. If you don't like the hud, run GET_RID_OF_HUD.bat in \Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA No need to move lvls, it won't delete your original lvls, it will rename them out of the way. You can still use Zerted's common.lvl for freecam, an ingame.lvl with fakeconsole is on the way (60% done).


This "patch" (technically is a mod) will overhaul some of the game's assets, while keeping online compatibility with the previous version. This is basically just meant to clean up some of the mess Pandemic left behind as they rushed to get the game out. Some of the main changes are the new hud, new weapons, accurate chunk models, skin fixes, and extra effects (such as environment mapping). Hopefully this will make the game a more enjoyable and immersing experience when playing offline or online (it remains compatible online while still offering a variety of new features for gameplay).


Does it work online?

How do I install it?
-Run the installer exe and make sure the filepath points to your \Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA folder

Does it work with other mods?
-It'll work with mod maps, the Conversion Pack, and possibly the +123. It however will not work with mods similar in nature to BFX.

I hate the hud.
-So go to \Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA and run GET_RID_OF_HUD.bat It will revert it back to the original shipped hud. If you change your mind, run RESTORE_HUD.bat in the same place.

Why didn't you add new weapons?
-That would crash your game online, which is not good. So I was limited to certain things that I could do.

Why didn't you _______?
-There are some things that would ruin online compatibility, and others I just didn't have the time to address. Keep in mind that this is a "hobby," and required hundreds of hours on my part to produce.

Patch Contents:

General Visual Gameplay Changes
    * New HUD
    * Implemented a new mine effect, which lags less online.
    * Spark texture is now more towards white, not orange.
    * Added wind to cloth, capes flutter.
    * Added cockpits from BF1.
    * Tweaked laser textures, and increased lighting radius.
    * Voice over errors mostly gone from the modtool log (modders only).

New Weapon Models
    * EE-3 Rifle
    * T-21 Rifle
    * Westar 34 Pistol
    * Leia's Sporting Blaster
    * Arc Caster
    * Sonic Pistol
    * DH-17 Pistol
    * A280 Rifle
    * A290 Rifle
    * Kylan Pistol
    * DC-15s Carbine
    * DC-15s Commando Pistol
    * DC-15 (from a JKA mod)
    * DC-15 Shotgun
    * E-11 Shotgun
    * Flechette Shotgun
    * ACP Shotgun
    * Accurate lightsabers
    * DL-19
    * DC-17 Pistol
    * ARC Rifle

Changed Units
    * 501st Commander is now accurate to Episode III.
    * 1st person views for 501st are completely corrected.
    * New skins for all Republic troops.
    * Glitch in Obi-Wan's cloth texture fixed.
    * SBD is reflection-mapped (is shiney).
    * Stormtrooper is reflection-mapped (is shiney).
    * SBD chunks are fixed
    * Magnaguard chunks are fixed
    * Droideka has new sheild texture.
    * Jango Fett has a new skin and jetpack effect.
    * Boba Fett has a new jetpack effect.
    * Changed Imperial Officer to Fleet officer.
    * Changed Imperial Engineer to the tank gunner (the former imperial officer).
    * Added a cape to the magnaguard.
    * Clone Marine added for Space mode


RepSharpshooter - Asset creation/overall mod compilation

Syth - Jango and accessories, big help
GCMOD Team - Weapon models
Pahricida - dc15 rifle
OOM-9 - dc15s
Fragme! - commando pistol fixed it at least from ML Kashyyyk,
Jawa Killer - ML kashyyk assets with help from dragonum
Maveritchell - Much needed help
Trainmaster611 - less laggy mine effect
Broken_Hope - Saber hilts
Challenger - Marine skin
MasterSaitek009 - Fixed dooku
Commander_Keller - 501st first person skins
Conversion Pack - RC pistol


Chris Chazulle

3 years ago

Are sure this patch is working, because I seem to having problems with it.