Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch



Please note that this is the FULL version of the 1.3 patch. It includes the new, visually upgraded sides. If you don't want the visual upgrade OR if you already have the sides, download the LITE version of the 1.3 patch here: http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Unofficial_Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_v13_Patch;95405

If you've played Battlefront at all or even looked at this site regularly, there's a very good chance you know [RDH]Zerted's work - if you've ever looked at a Picture of the Day, it's been Zerted's work unlocking FreeCam that's made that possible.

What we have here is the culmanation of Zerted's work over the past few years, combined with the visual upgrades of the "Unofficial 1.2 Patch" into one big mod - the "Unofficial 1.3 Patch." This mod gives both players and modders unparalleled control over what goes into and comes out of their Star Wars Battlefront 2.

With the Unofficial 1.3 patch, players first of all can play Battlefront II with a complete set of visual upgrades, just as seen in the 1.2 patch. Included is an easy means of changing from the new (visually upgraded) sides back to the original sides, as well as a means of either enabling or disabling the new HUD.

Players also have access to the extremely powerful and dynamic "Fake Console." The Fake Console has a large number of ways players can interact with and dynamically modify their game. It also gives a large amount of control to server admins in online gaming sessions.

Modders, too, have been given a large amount of freedom with the 1.3 patch. If you've played the newest version of the Conversion Pack (2.0), you've seen a bit of what the 1.3 patch supports - thanks to it, we had access to the KotOR era alongside the two stock eras as well as many additional gamemodes. The 1.3 patch supports far more than just the KotOR era and the new gamemodes from the Conversion Pack. It adds support for an unlimited number of new gamemodes or eras, and has new icons for many of them.

And for modders there are many, many more features - custom galactic conquest, map preview videos - these are all things that modders now can do (should they choose), and there are many different options.

So what are you waiting for? There's no reason not to download this. Online play is unaffected and all you get are countless new options for your game. Give it a download!




This file should help you install the SWBF2 UnOfficial v1.3 patch r117

Things You Need:
1) SWBF2
2) SWBF2 v1.1 patch (optional, but recommended)
3) SWBF2 v1.3 patch
5) This installation guide
6) Commen sense

Steps to Install:
-2) Install SWBF2
-1) Install the official v1.1 patch
0) Skim/read the 'Installation Problems and Notes' at the bottom of this file.  Its issues are ordered by importance.
1) Uninstall any old version of the v1.3 patch and delete its files/folders
2) Extract the files in 'SWBF2 v1.3patch.exe' to the folder "<game dir>addonAAA-v1.3patch" (you will need to manually create that folder). "<game dir>" represents the folder where you installed SWBF2.
3) Double-click on "menu.bat".  If you downloaded the lite version, double click on "lite-menu.bat" instead.
4) Read and Follow the menu prompts

Steps To Uninstall:
1) Double-click on "menu.bat".  If you downloaded the lite version, double click on "lite-menu.bat" instead.
2) Read and Follow the menu prompts

Installation Problems and Notes
* If you see a message similar to "Too many missions: ### >= 500" on the profile selection screen, then you have too many mod maps.  Some of your mod maps will be removed from the map selection screen.  These maps would have crashed with FATAL errors if you attempted to play them.  There still might be a few other missions that crash too which were not removed.  To fix this, remove some of your mod maps until the message goes away.  Do not remove AAA-v1.3path.
* If you cannot see any of the new strings in the game (or if they look like 'modename.name.koh'), find an 8MB version of BattlefrontII.exe online (look at the different version switchers).  Download the exe, then rename it to something other then 'BattlefrontII.exe'.  Put this renamed exe file into the GameData folder and doucle-click the renamed exe to play the game.
* If you see some messages similar to 'access denied', then you need to run menu.bat as an administractor.
* If your game suddenly starts crashing after you installed the v1.3 patch, then it didn't install correctly.  Uninstall the patch and try again, make sure to watch the menu output for possible problems.
* If you are having installation problems or game crashes in Vista, make sure Vista hasn't put any of the game files or folders in its 'compatibility mode'.
* The patch is untested on v1.0 of the game, but it should work (mod map names will be messed up).  
* If you are low on disk space, delete everything in the 'AAA-v1.3patch' folder except for the 'addme.script' file and the 'settings' folder.  Do this after you install the patch.
* If you have instllation problems, feel free to contact [RDH]Zerted at:
          XFire: zerted
          Email: [email protected]
          GameToast User: [RDH]Zerted
          GameToast's v1.3 patch topic: http://www.gametoast.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14483


UnOfficial v1.3 Patch r117 - Readme 
by [RDH]Zerted - November 1st, 2008 

* Simple installation (can install to dedicated server too) 
* Works online in multiplayer 
* Compatable with the SWBF1 Conversion pack 
* Supports unlimited new eras (only 5 can be displayed per map) 
* Supports unlimited new game modes (only 14 can be displayed per map) 
* Supports up to 11 custom user scripts (example: use a script to enforce dedicated server rules like &apos;no vehicles&apos; and &apos;no CPs&apos;) 
* Supports up to 11 custom Galactic Conquest campaigns 
* Supports over 158 FakeConsole commands and displays their descriptions 
* Includes player tracking, player teleporting, and causing the AI to follow certain players 
* Replaces the (now outdated) mods: v1.2 patch, FC Mod, Era Shell, FreeCam, FakeConsole 
* Allows disabling the award effects (just the graphical and sound parts, you still get their bonuses) 
* Supports map preview videos 
* Compatable with mod maps 
* Extends and expands the cheat menu to MP 
* Supports no-namer booting (non-server admins can boot them too) 
* Allows you to become a no-namer without changing your profile 
* Supports custom FakeConsole command by map modders 
* Displays warning if over the game&apos;s 500 mission limit 
* Allows Free Camera 
* Allows directly setting the displayed side selection names (for modders) 
* Supports custom map colors (can be removed from the menu) 
* Has v1.2&apos;s new player models (can be removed from the menu) 
* Has v1.2&apos;s new weapon models (can be removed from the menu) 
* Has v1.2&apos;s BF1 cockpits (can be removed from the menu) 
* Has v1.2&apos;s new HUD (can be removed from the menu) 

* A correctly executed command turns light blue 
* An errored command turns pink 

Added Shortcut Keys: 
* Close the FakeConsole list: &apos;Esc&apos; 
* Cancel (no) the prompt pop-up: &apos;Esc&apos; 
* Accept (yes) the prompt pop-up: &apos;Enter&apos; 
* Close team stats screen: &apos;l&apos; (lowercase L) 
* Select the team selection&apos;s auto-assign button: &apos;a&apos; 
* Select the team selection&apos;s auto-assign button: &apos;A&apos; 
* Select the team selection&apos;s team 1 button: &apos;1&apos; 
* Select the team selection&apos;s team 2 button: &apos;2&apos; 
* Select the team selection&apos;s auto-assign button: &apos;3&apos; 
* Select the team selection&apos;s spectator button: &apos;4&apos; 

Keys To Control FreeCam: 
[Home] - Move camera up 
[End] - Move camera down 
[M] - Pause/Unpause the game 
[Backspace] - Pause/Unpause the game 
[+] - Speed up 
[-] - Slow down 

Keys To Control the FakeConsole list: 
[Up] - Move the selection up one element 
[Down] - Move the selection down one element 
[Page Up] - Move the selection up 19 elements (one page) 
[Page Down] - Move the selection down 19 elements (one page) 
[Escape] - Close the FakeConsole list 

Crashing Issues: 
* Misuse of the FakeConsole commands may result in crashes 
* Filling the cheatbox with spaces makes the game crash. I don&apos;t have a clue why... 
* Galactic Conquest&apos;s Versus is completely untested (but should work...) 
* Displays a warning if you have over 500 missions (The original game can only handle 500 modded missions. It crashes with FATAL when attempting to play a mission after about the first 500) 

Other Issues: 
* A few people will not be able to see any of the new strings. The known fix is in the &apos;Installation Guide.txt&apos;. 
* FakeConsole commands built into the exe always turn pink when clicked no matter if they worked or not. The section description commands turn pink too. 
* It takes a second at the start of each map to disable award effects (if set to disabled). An AI bot has an extremely low chance of gaining an award in this period. 
* There is a bug in displaying the preview video when switching between the MP and SP map selection screens. The preview video may not play until a map with a different video is selected. 
* If a map directly sets the side selection names, the team buttons will no longer flash when selected. 
* A couple of weapon icons are not in their correct locations. Sorry. 
* The Clone Commander&apos;s Paulodron is untextured. 

Important Notes For Modders: 
* The FakeConsole command &apos;Code Console&apos; lets you type and run Lua code directly ingame 
* Space Assualt&apos;s name changed to &apos;modename.name.spa-assault&apos; from &apos;modename.name.assault&apos; 
* Hero Assualt&apos;s name changed to &apos;modename.name.hero-assault&apos; from &apos;modename.name.elimination&apos; 
* Voice over errors mostly gone from the modtool log 
* Custom game mode and era names, icons, and descriptions are supported. Meaning, you can have your map set the text on its game mode checkbox no matter the mode. 
* The ingame variable &apos;__thisMapsCode__&apos; should contain the current map&apos;s 3-char code (will always be lowercase). The variable is nil if the code couldn&apos;t be detected or has yet to be detected. 
* The ingame variable &apos;__thisMapsMode__&apos; should contain the current map&apos;s loaded layer/game mode (will always be lowercase). The variable is nil if the mode couldn&apos;t be detected or has yet to be detected. 
* The uf_processPlayers() function allows you to get the names of the ingame players (see &apos;Using Ingame Player Data.txt&apos;) 
* See the howtos docs for more info on how to use the v1.3&apos;s new modding related features 

General Visual Gameplay Changes: 
* Added wind to cloth, capes flutter. 
* Added cockpits from BF1. 

New Weapon Models: 
* EE-3 Rifle 
* T-21 Rifle 
* Westar 34 Pistol 
* Leia&apos;s Sporting Blaster 
* Arc Caster 
* Sonic Pistol 
* DH-17 Pistol 
* A280 Rifle 
* A290 Rifle 
* Kylan Pistol 
* DC-15s Carbine 
* DC-15s Commando Pistol 
* DC-15 (from a JKA mod) 
* DC-15 Shotgun 
* E-11 Shotgun 
* Flechette Shotgun 
* ACP Shotgun 
* Accurate lightsabers 
* DL-19 
* DC-17 Pistol 
* ARC Rifle 

Changed Units: 
* 501st Commander is now accurate to Episode III. 
* 1st person views for 501st are completely corrected. 
* New skins for all Republic troops. 
* Glitch in Obi-Wan&apos;s cloth texture fixed. 
* SBD is reflection-mapped (is shiney). 
* Stormtrooper is reflection-mapped (is shiney). 
* SBD chunks are fixed 
* Magnaguard chunks are fixed 
* Droideka has new sheild texture. 
* Jango Fett has a new skin and jetpack effect. 
* Boba Fett has a new jetpack effect. 
* Changed Imperial Officer to Fleet officer. 
* Changed Imperial Engineer to the tank gunner (the former imperial officer). 
* Added a cape to the magnaguard. 
* Clone Marine added for Space mode

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