UT-AT Source Files



I promised to release this, so here it is. Give DooFi and Psych0fred a round of applause!

Remember, ONE rule if you are going to use this: No releasing any map with the UT-AT until Rise of the Empire #4: Plains of Chaos has been released.

- PR-0927/Majin Revan



Releaser: Majin Revan
Contact: [email protected]


Finally! This file is a .zip file of everything I use for the UT-AT.

The UT-AT model was created and skinned by DooFi.
t551 attempted to get it in-game, and upon becoming confused, Psych0fred finished the job.
I made every single .odf file in this .zip. Please do not modify them without first getting consent from me.

Make sure to credit the above authors for what they have each given.

This is what is contained inside:

* The UT-AT .msh and .odf files.
* The Imperial UT-AT .tga files.
* The Republic UT-AT .tga files.
* The sounds for the UT-AT.
* The .tga file for the laser effect used by the UT-AT.
* The effects files and .tga files for the UT-AT's explosion.

I hope you all make good use of all of this.
Please do not forget to credit the people above if you use this.
Also, if you use the files from this .zip, please state from where you got it.

Thank you.

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