He mostly have only worked on the Clone Wars so there wont be much done for the Galactic Civil War, since they never even fought on Utapau. Be sure to provide feedback!




Hey everyone, this is my first map that I have posted on filefront. This is a map of Utapau V 1.0. Anyway I hope you like it, feedback would be great 


Map: Utapau Attack V1.0  (Beta Version)
Mabe by:Squirrel7Hunter

Unzip the zipfile , take the CBM folder out of the xCBMx folder and then add it to gamedata/addon folder.

Hopefully I will be able to update my map when some more bugs are found or i just feel the map needs improvements. oh yea, and some work on the GCW

I would like to thank all the modders on Filefront.com for helping me with questions I had.

Also this map wouldnt be possible with the help of Wraith 5 who beta tested my map, found the bugs, took the screenshots, helped me with questions, and was patcient with me.  I havent even played my own map so tell me how it is

I will allow people to edit/modify my map, just give me credit for making the original, thnks  and have fun!

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