Utapau: Assault

utapau_assault_1.3.zip —


This update of Utapau: Assault gives the Paraj Trooper a rifle instead of a chaingun.



Well,life seems excellent for me. 2 pre-made factory maps for swbf2 refitted to work with special sides in 1 day.
ALL the skins are courtesy of C-26 on gametoast.com
NOW: ALL the clones have 212th Attack Battalion skins.
To install put this into your addon folder.
My e-mail: [email protected]
Go to gametoast.com to find C-26s e-mail

v 1.2
Cody skin replaces jettrooper skin, and officer now is the paraj trooper!

v 1.3:
Paraj now has rifle. No more chaingun. Cody has rifle.

I WILL NOT try to interfere in the number of soldiers on the map. Do not keep telling me to do that.

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