Utapau Attack



Firstly i would like to apologise for being inactive, but i have vowed to be online more.

When i first loaded this map up it claims to be a "better" Utapau. I beg to differ. First thing you notice is the white. It feels like you are on Hoth not Utapau. I run around for a bit, seeing no real resemblise to Utapau. There is also no heros.

On the bright side there is 1 flag and 2 flag CTF. Not a bad attempt for a first timer. Overall average marks.




Hey everyone, this is my first map that I have posted on filefront. This is a map of Utapau V 1.0  
 I mostly have only worked on the Clone Wars so there wont be much done for the Galactic Civil War, since they never even fought on Utapau. Anyway I hope you like it, feedback would be great 


Map: Utapau Attack V1.0  (Beta Version)
Mabe by:Squirrel7Hunter

Unzip the zipfile , take the CBM folder out of the xCBMx folder and then add it to gamedata/addon folder.

Hopefully I will be able to update my map when some more bugs are found or i just feel the map needs improvements. oh yea, and some work on the GCW

I would like to thank all the modders on Filefront.com for helping me with questions I had.

Also this map wouldnt be possible with the help of Wraith 5 who beta tested my map, found the bugs, took the screenshots, helped me with questions, and was patcient with me.  I havent even played my own map so tell me how it is

I will allow people to edit/modify my map, just give me credit for making the original, thnks  and have fun!

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