Veriss: Mining Colony

This map, by EraOfDesann, brings us to the remote mining planet Veriss. The first thing you notice about Veriss, and easily its strongest fe...


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This map, by EraOfDesann, brings us to the remote mining planet Veriss. The first thing you notice about Veriss, and easily its strongest feature, is its originality of setting. Whenever the "mining colony"-type setting is explored, it seems to be a wash, rinse, repeat of Mustafar assets. The one thing that always excites me about maps is something new, and Era brings us that.

Veriss is laden with a number of new models; in fact, the only stock models used are some terrain features and minor props. (Although there may have been a Tatooine model or two, it was well-enough reskinned that I couldn't tell the difference.) All this, combined with a natural-feeling terrain, makes for a highly enjoyable setting.

Veriss falls shorter than I expected, however, in the gameplay department. Let me preface this by saying that the gameplay is well-set up, and I noticed the use of AI hint nodes, which is exceptional in its effect on gameplay. However, the stock units don't make for a truly exceptional experience. This, however, I have no doubt will be remedied in future installments, as mentioned by the author in the readme. The map is also a touch big for the amount of units on the battlefield, but my recommendation to the player would just be to up the unitcount in your Instant Action screen. Also, a side note is that GCW 1-flag doesn't work, but this is mentioned in the readme.

All-in-all, Veriss was enjoyable, but for it to be truly exceptional, I await future versions. I'd still recommend a download if for no other reason then to see what a well-set up map should look like.


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Version 1.0 
By [GT]EraOfDesann 

Please note that this version is different from the one 
released on Gametoast. It has been updated... I don't 
remember exactly WHAT has been updated but just believe 
me when I say it's better. This is NOT the final version. 
The next version should have a few more fixes along with 
new custom units! Perhaps there might even be a third 
version featuring an Order 66 mode. We'll see... 


Veriss was once a vital mining world in the Maw System 
during the early years of the Republic. Since then it's 
valuable minerals are on the verge of depletion and most 
of the planet's inhabitants have left for more promising 
futures. The planet is covered with desolate, rocky, plains 
with rivers of lava that flow out from the planet's core. 
The climate is cold and dry -- not a trace of water exists. 
Due to the planet's increasingly low population and vast  
size the planet has become ideal for numerous smuggling 
operations as well as other illegal activities. 


During the Clone Wars a small underground colony served as 
a base of operations for CIS forces -- battle droid units were 
being manufactured in the dozens of thousands beneath the 
planet's uninviting surface. For a brief time the infamous 
General Grievous operated from the base. The base was soon 
located by the CIU (Clone Intelligence Unit) and Republic forces, 
led by Jedi Master Mace Windu, were able to force the CIS off 
the planet. Republic forces remained stationed on Veriss until 
the end of the war and ultimately left the planet after the 
execution of Order 66. 

Between the time of the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War 
Veriss was virtually ignored. Former CIS officers who had defected 
to the Rebel Alliance over the years suggested using the old 
CIS base as an outpost after the retreat from Yavin IV. A garrison of 
troops was thus stationed in the abandoned colony. Eventually Veriss 
was used a base of operations for the newly founded Renegade Squadron. 
The rebel forces eventually had to retreat when the Empire stormed the 
planet. Shortly afterwards it was discovered that the base's location had 
been leaked to Imperial Intelligence from the inside. The source has yet 
to be uncovered. 

Veriss is currently under the control of the Galactic Empire. Numerous 
weapon manufacturing plants have been established on the planet's 


Galactic Civil War CTF doesn't work; no AI will spawn. Other than that 
there are no bugs that I'm aware of. Most have been addressed but if 
you find anything please let me know so I can fix them in the next 
version! Thank you very much! 

Qdin- Mining Machines 
JabbaLovesLava- Buildings, Props, Bridges 
Murdocr- Lava 
Majin Revan- Lighting and ZE Animation Tweaking 
Rends- Containers 

Special thanks to everyone who helped me out! Please 
let me know if you helped me out at all so I can credit 
you in the next version! Thanks again!

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