Vinsoth: Battle on the Plains

Ryukaji's Vinsoth is a pretty-looking map set on the plains of a planet named Vinsoth, home to the Chev.

This is a very well-done map, a...


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Ryukaji's Vinsoth is a pretty-looking map set on the plains of a planet named Vinsoth, home to the Chev.

This is a very well-done map, and it is a very nice first release for the author. He's done a good job of implementing a lot of the basic things that make a well-done map, including a "complete"-feeling atmosphere. The only real issue I can see construction-wise is a crash to desktop that comes after playing the Hunt mode - which is sort've a pain.

The scenery here is definitely the high point of the map. Although I'm not a huge fan of the high grassy foliage, it's not overused and it fits the map. There are some very nice areas along the edges of the map; I was particularly impressed by the area around one of the Empire's starting CPs - a large stone temple sunk into a small valley. It looked really nice.

The gameplay, sideswise, isn't changed a whole lot. GCW era uses stock sides, and as such should feel pretty familiar (although the Rebels do recieve a custom hero). Hunt mode is the only mode with real side changes, and they're well-done and just as fun to play as the other modes.

Unfortunately this map suffers one deficit, and that is a byproduct of the author's chosen setting - it's a gigantic plain. While there's enough foliage and slight terrain variation that it doesn't feel like you're running over just unmodified flat ground, the fact is that from most points on the map you can see most other points through a sniper scope. It makes for a pretty shallow strategy. One can essentially just empty 56 shots of a sniper rifle on the nearest 56 enemies, re-load, rinse and repeat. No need for capturing CPs, because you're eventually just going to wear down that reinforcement count singlehandedly.

To sum up, this is easily one of the best "plains" maps I've seen, but it's still a "plains" map. I'm impressed by the quality of work but the author might be encouraged to add a little bit of gameplay variation. Good job!


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Download '' (29.52MB)


Check this page for planet details

This map is my creation of the planet and what I thought it would look like.
The map is a hilly plain that is bordered by mountains and on one side a big lake on the other.  There are scattered ruins throughout the field.  

Conquest for GCW
2 Flag CTF for GCW
Hunt for CW   

CIS vs. Chev
Chev info:

1. unzip
2. place extracted folder into your addon directory (lucasarts/battlefront2/Gamedata/addon) the game

-crashes may be experienced with the hunt mode before/after playing it 

-squeddie for his rock model...
-(JPI)SWBF Map Grader and HobGoblin_264 for testing

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