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*This file goes out to all those modders who wish they could add something cool and interesting to their maps. *

Today Skammer_216 brings you an update to his previously released Weapons Pack. He has added fifteen new weapons, including the Crossbow, the Blaze Cannon and the Globe Gun. This bring the weapon count to a grand total of thirty. That's 30 folks. This looks like a great way to add some variety to your custom sides.

Again this file is for modders only.

-MasterSaitek009 *Be kind, please give credit.*



These are a set of mostly 'unconventional' weapons for SWBF2 sides. You must be a modder, and capable of making sides, to use them. To use them, copy the odf files from the relevant weapon folder to your side's odf folder, and copy the effects folder (everything in it just to make sure) to your side's effects folder.
These weapons can be edited and put in anything you wish, but you MUST CREDIT ME!!!


From Weapons Pack Version 1:
Cluster Bomb Gun - fires grenades that explode into bomblets.
Disc Gun - fires bouncing discs with various coloured trails.
Flare Rifle - fire gravity effected mini-rockets.
Poison Dart Rifle - sniper rifle that poisons targets.
Sonic Grenade - does not much damage, hurls people long distances.
Shock Pistol - fires explosive electricfied shells.
Snoutgun - fires bombs that blast people backwards on impact, stick to them and explode a few seconds later.
Gas Grenade - grenades with gas explosions. Opposite of EMPs - high damage to clones, little to troops.
Kamikaze Probe Droid - locks onto and relentlessly tracks its target.
Force Rush - fire a line of small explosions that hurl troops.
Force Fallout - green flamethrower, pretty much.
Force Corruption - placing it hurts you, but any enemy walking into the area you placed it is hurt.
Orbital Strike Beacon - place, calls in OS a few seconds later. Laser colours can be changed to match faction (currently blue lasers/republic).
Force Hail - orbital strike of dark force explosives.

Added in Weapons Pack Version 2:
Force Lightning Bolt - concentrated version of force lightning, also hurls people.
Force Blast - powerful energy 'bomb' that's fired like a grenade and explodes on impact.
Force Superpush - pushes people a LONG way....
Railgun - sniper rifle like weapon. Fires eight bolts. Short warm up time.
Gasthrower - shoots poison gas. Charge to fire gas grenade.
Mortar Launcher - improved variant of standard BF2 one. Has three kinds of ordnance.
Flare Rifle - sniper rifle like, fires small rockets.
Flak Rifle - fires bursts of high velocity shots. Smilar to shotgun.
Sniper Rifle - like the repulic sr, but charge it to fire beams.
Force Well, Force Wave - 360 degree versions of pull and push.
Disruptor Rifle - fires black and purple beams.
Crossbow - fires arrows. Charge to fire explosie arrow.
Blaze Cannon - similar to chaingun, fires lasers instead.
Force Lightning Orb - fire projectile that explodes into a ball of lightning.
Force Inferno - sets fire to enemies around you. Works like a buff.
Globe Gun - fires near spherical lasers. Charge to increase the sixe of the globes and their explosions.

Most have custom effects.


Pandemic/LucasArts for BF2+ Modtools.
Gametoast.com for modding Support.
Teancum (I think) - Original beacon files.

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