WideBoy's Model Pack



Not much to say about this pack from WideBoy, it's a nice set of models for modders to use in their maps.

There's a pile of boxes, a set of silos, a low wall, and two bunkers/buildings (my favorites). The bunkers don't have terrain cutters, which would make them a bit more usable, but it's possible to get around that.

Again, this is for mappers only. Don't download if you don't already know how to use these things.




Hello there mr or mrs maper guy\lady

The models are for SWBF2.

yeah so this is some models i made to use in a map i kinda work on (kinda means i have now idea if it ever gets done).
And i decided to share em, they are not top notch (see screens to see for your self) but they migth come in handy for someone.
The silo got a litle bug. When you stand at the top of the "sphere" you migth fall trough, not far tho. You wil be able to get out by jumping.

If you find anything wrong or wanna give me some feedback send an email to me ([email protected])

If you decide to use em in a map you are publishing give me some cred and its all cool. (Just write: Models by WideBoy or somthing like that)


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