Yavin 4: Arena

Ok, first off, for those of you who were wondering what happened to the .85 version of this, it was pulled due to the author getting tired o...


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Ok, first off, for those of you who were wondering what happened to the .85 version of this, it was pulled due to the author getting tired of whiny comments. If there is a bug listed in the bug section of the readme, or if the author has already stated that he is aware of it, DON'T KEEP ASKING IT!

Secondly, on with the map.

The map is great, as before. Still no sounds (note: this is NOT the final...) for rain or thunder. The lighting could use a lil work, but it's well-planned out. In addition, there are now TWO assault modes, the CW one having jedi and gunners, and the GCW one being only gunners..

Lastly, the characters...

If you thought you were impressed by the version .85 of this, Wait til you see THIS: ELEVEN new charecters, including 9 new Jedi and 2 gunners.

List of New Units:

Shared Hett: Tusken Jedi, has his own saber combo (try sprinting then mashing the mouse button), saber throw, and force push

Episode 2 Anikin: Awesome Episode 2 Ani skin, Saber, Throw, and Pull

Quinlan Vos: Jedi from comic series, has a new saber combo (floats during regular attack (?) and does a neat jump-attack), throw, and force push.

IG-88: Droid that re-defines "bounty hunter", has a high-powered rifle, flamethrower, time bomb, rage, and can jump REALLY high (no force or jetpack)

Asajj Ventress: Sith from animated series, has a SWEET model, dual sabers, throw, and force wave

Admiral Sarn: Imperial Officer, has same weapons as Han

Jano Morel: Chiss Jedi, Does not have Force Speed, has dual sabers, throw, and push

Yun: Pupil of Jerec, has saber, throw, and push

Lord Schizo: Basically Darth maul put with a different skin, looks neat.

Jerec: Dark-Sith that Kyle Katarn fought, has new saber moves (try sprinting, holding forward, and mashing the mouse), throw, and push

Plo Koon: Kel-Dor Jedi, has Saber, Electric Judgement (orange lightning, pretty fun), and saber throw

So that's the list of all the new charecters. While this map is fun to play in all modes (SWBF 1 memories galore), It shines in Assault.

Bottom Line: The map is a conversion, so that part is O.K., but the new sides really make this map well worth downloading. In fact, it's worth playing an hour a day until you master each of the new units (Ig-88 can really rack up the kills if played right... you can jump right over saber throws).

Download it now!

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Download 'yavin_arena_1.0.zip' (15.74MB)

Yavin 4: Arena

AUTHOR(S): Pandemic Studios (original map), 
	   Teancum (BF2 conversion, new features)



2-Flag CTF
1-Flag CTF
Hero Assault (see new features)
XL (see new features)



TWO Hero Assault modes 
   -CW is Solders & Jedi/Sith
   -GCW is Jedi vs Sith (no soldiers)
New characters: Ep II Anakin, Jano Morel (made up by me),
                Quinlan Vos, Sharad Hett, Admiral Sarn,
		IG-88, Asajj Ventress, Jerec, Yun, Plo Koon
		Lord Schizo (made up by me)
XL Mode (350 total kills to win)



1-If you have a previous version installed, remove that version.
2-Unzip yavin_arena_1.0.zip file to your gamedata/addon folder.



-There are no rain/thunder sounds.  This will be fixed in the
    final release.
-New hero characters do not have 'voices'.  This will be fixed
    in the final release.


Thanks to:
Gametoast members - for all of your testing/bug reports
Schizo - I used his name for a hero
Alex533 - For the awesome Ep II Anakin skin
Neomarz1/Minilogoguy18 - For use of Asajj Ventress
psych0fred - For answering the difficult questions
And many others who have made contributions.

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