Yavin 4: Lost Temple

Corporal_Catastrophe's endeavour at a Yavin map is pretty accurately described in the readme as "a temple with some objects."

Because tha...


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Corporal_Catastrophe's endeavour at a Yavin map is pretty accurately described in the readme as "a temple with some objects."

Because that's what it is - really, just some objects. There doesn't really seem to be a lot of rhyme or reason as to the placement of the objects, it's just a lot of Yavin objects in a small area. There's a bit of terrain variation (but it's very blocky) and nothing new about the sky or the terrain textures. Some of the object placements are sloppy, too - there are a few floating objects.

Gameplay is relatively not bad, in light of the disorganized state of the map. This is a good example of how keeping a map small can tighten up the gameplay. Unfortunately, there's no real pathing, so the bots get stuck on walls often and there's very little real challenge once the bots have been reduced to a single CP (which happens fast with a hero).

And there are also some issues with GCW conquest - "issues" in that the mode doesn't work. There are some laser textures missing for the Yavin turrets, as well. Both of these could be quick fixes. If nothing else, if a mode doesn't work (which is a rarity, usually it just means that the time wasn't taken to fix it), remove it from the map. It would also be nice to see more than just the occasional mapper take the time to add a loadscreen.

I'd say this is about on par with a lot of the submissions we've recieved lately, but that's not necessarily the gold standard. This could definitely use a little more polish before it's an actual public release.


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Download 'ylt.zip' (37.59MB)

Yavin Lost Temple by Corporal_Catastrophe


This is a test map I made, but I found it entertaining.
There is a temple with some objects. There is some bugs,
but since this was more of a test. I will not make later
versions, as I am making a new, better map.

Clone wars conquest and hero assault only

GCW is broken, I tried to add jedi but the cp's
don't show up and thus I can't spawn.


put folder YLT in: C:/program files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront 2/Gamedata/addon (if addon isn't there, make it)


Caleb1117 for the crystals
Pandemic for the game/assets

Legal info:

Use this map anyway you want, just credit me.

Bugs Known:

In some places the terrain does not meet the objects.
No medical/ammo droids, I did not know how to add them.
       There is probaly more bugs, but those are the main ones.

No screenshots, if someone could tell me how I will upload some.

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