Yavin 4: Sunken Temple

Yavin 4: Sunken Temple is a rainy, urbany map from Astute.

Whoa. This map is awesome. I've never really like the shipped Yavins, but th...


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Yavin 4: Sunken Temple is a rainy, urbany map from Astute.

Whoa. This map is awesome. I've never really like the shipped Yavins, but this far surpasses them. It's absolutly covered in ruins, being lego'd together from the orginal maps' assets, but on a much larger scale. There's not an inch that isn't filled with ruins, water, or cool effects. A lot of work was obviously put into the polish of this map- it's pouring rain with lightning and such, there are stairs everywhere leading to upper layers of the ruins, and rubble piles abound. The water is set at a height that gives a cool sense of 'sunkenness'. It's not too deep for droidekas to drown in, but is high enough to lend to the atmospere of the map. No two parts are really alike, with plazas, a temple-y building, yards, all meshed together perfectly. Really, the job of sticking the ruins together is stupendous.

If you haven't already been convinced to download this map, here's another selling point: Yavin 4: Sunken Temple introduces a new game mode. 'Bombing Run'. It runs like normal conquest, except you don't capture command posts to keep and spawn from. When you take one over, you get a message telling you to, basically, get out of there because it's gonna be blasted into oblivion. Indeed, a Y-wing/Tie Bomber does a flyby showering it with explosives, killing that command post. Whoever ends up with the last cp standing wins.

It uses the default side for the most part, and proves that you don't need completely redone ones to have a good map. The new units aren't particularly exciting (the best, by far, is the Havoc Trooper), but keep unrealistic hordes of dark troopers and such off the field. There's not a single jedi or flying unit to be found anywhere- they "were not feasible for this level". Don't take that the wrong way- it actually kind of adds to the map, in a way. The AI can't really use flight well, so no loss there, and the lack of jedi gives it a more 'not l337 stuffz' feel.

Honestly, I can't think of many ways it could be made better. I didn't notice any AI problems- in fact, I was suprised how well they were handled. They move within the map well- they use pretty much every concievable passage. Again, I didn't find the new units too exciting, but they don't take away in any way, shape, or form

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Download 'yst.zip' (44.24MB)

Yavin 4: Sunken Temple 1.0V
A Star Wars Battlefront 2 map

	Yavin 4: Sunken Temple is set in a large temple complex out in a flooded wetland on Yavin 4. The temple itself was once inhabited by Massassi, but it has also been built over by other cultures, illustrated by the differing architecture and more recent additions to the stonework. As far as story goes, the Imp/Rep have landed in the temple and are trying to defeat the rebel/cis inhabitants. Here is the full story. 

	"After the fall of the Jedi order and the initialization of the new Galactic Empire, the CIS began to deteriorate as a war machine. A few of it's remaining leaders utilized the defeated droid armies to help with the research into much more unnatural weapons of war, one being ancient artifacts. On the seemingly desolate and peaceful Yavin 4, Republic troops are on route to disrupt the excavation of many coveted Massassi artifacts by the CIS." 

	"The Rebel Alliance, still locked in a struggle with the Empire, sought refuge on Yavin 4. After the destruction of the Death Star, Imperial troops began scouring Yavin 4's Surface. One of the Rebel's well hidden outposts, an abandoned Massassi temple complex, has recently been discovered, and Imperial forces hope to exterminate any remaining Rebel presence on Yavin 4" 

---Level Information--- 
-Supports GCW and CW 
-Gamemodes: Conquest, CTF, and my new gamemode Bombing Run(info below) 
-Same new units from MMD(Storm Commando and Havoc Trooper) 
-New Heroes(info below) 
-though not all that exciting, a proffesional looking minimap(finally!) 

-New Game Mode: Bombing Run(GCW only) 
To make things more interesting, I decided to replace hero deathmatch(since it wasn't feasible for this level) with a new gamemode. The gamemode Bombing Run features 6 spawns, 3 for each side. It functions similar to a conquest match, except that spawn points are destroyed on capture. The team that holds at least one of their spawn points at the end of the match wins. Notice in the first pic that there is a tie bomber, that's where this game mode gets its name. I have scripted bombers to come in and actually bomb the cps, just to add to the authenticity. 

-New Heroes 
Just like hero deathmatch, jedi and flying heroes were not feasible for this level, so I had to replace them with some static non-flying heroes. Nothing all that big, just a new pistol/rifle wielding hero for each side(except alliance, since they have 3 already) 

-Extract this folder to your LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon
-None at this time
>Custom Units
*Storm Commando(Empire): Some of the best soldiers the Empire has to offer. The Storm Commando is geared towards anti-terrorism and siege breaking, excelling in both. Armed with a long range support rifle and a high powered shock pistol, the Storm Commando is a threat at both long and short range.

-Support Rifle: Long range rifle, becomes inaccurate after rapid fire
-Shock Pistol: This weapon is intended for close range combat, thus the limited charges.
-Scatter Grenades: Non-lethal grenades intended for scattering enemy forces
-Time Bomb: Standard issue timed charge

*Havoc Trooper(Republic): Originally, this trooper was created as the Assault Trooper, who had served in the early battles on Rhen Var. After a failed performance at the battle of the Ice Gate, revisions were made in the troopers overall design. Refitted with a more heat resistant armor, and much more refined flame thrower, the trooper is now known as the Havoc Trooper, whose main purpose is to distrupt enemy troop concentrations.

-Flame Spitter MK-2: Refined flamethrower, very good against shields and multiple enemies. Be warned, it leaves you very vulnerable while firing.
-Blaster Pistol: Standard issue Republic blaster pistol.
-Thermal Grenades: Standard issue grenades.
-Remember to keep your spawns well protected during a Bombing Run match, the AI are quite efficient during this gamemode.
-Thanks to the people at Gametoast for helping me with my modding related problems.

Created By Astute.

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