Yavin: Arroyo Pass

This Yavin map contains several bonuses, including an assault mode (consisting of three objectives), the Jedi Support mod, and a unit multip...


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This Yavin map contains several bonuses, including an assault mode (consisting of three objectives), the Jedi Support mod, and a unit multiplier to make your battles a little more interesting. Normal modes will have double the units they normally have, while assault mode has a unit multiplier of 2.5.

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Download 'arroyopass_v1_0.zip' (32.2MB)


-- Yavin: Arroyo Pass --
Version 1.0
Author: *******
Screen Names: Archer01 or Theodranis
E-mail: *******
Date: Oct 02, 2006

This is my first SW:BF2 map. It has the odd quirk, but it seems to work fine for the most part.


- The AI unit count is double what you select in the map settings screen before play (ie 16 becomes 32). The multiplier is 2.5 in the objective-assault mode. (Keep this in mind for online games, ie lag)
- Since it uses it, the map is packaged with my Jedi Support mod (v1.51) so it will add more than just one map to the map selection list
- The AI flyers are in singleplayer only (technical reasons).

*** Suggestion: Because of the number of turrets and sniping spots, the default unit count of 32 is spread out a bit too much causing a slower pace to the match. Boost the count to 64 to help fix this.

*** Suggestion: The new force powers behave differently than those of the original game. Please read the section about them in the 'JediSupport' readme packaged with this map.



This mode is selectable under the "Assault" game-mode ("Campaign" using [RDH]Zerted's shell). It is a straight-forward battle consisting of three objectives, playable from either side. Use the "Assault" gamemode options to adjust the unit count and starting reinforcememnts (use the same options menu when using Zerted's shell).

!! Powered Up vs Normalized !!
- When a human player is present on a team, the opposite team is then "Powered Up". This status causes a variety of effects that make the game more focused around the human player's actions. You'll see what I mean while playing.

!! Unit Locks !!
- You'll notice at the start of the game that many of the units for each side have unreasonably high unlock requirements. These requirments change once the second objective has begun. This was done for balance reasons.

!! Jedi Timer !!
- Even after the first objective is complete, the Jedi units are only available for selection for about a minute, then become locked for a while, then become available again. Watch for the timer on the side of the screen, when it's there the Jedi are selectable.

!! Difficulty Settings (aside from the normal/elite stuff) !!
- Use the "Assault" gamemode settings to adjust the starting reinforcement count for the attackers. This setting also affects the total amount added to the count after each objective is completed.

!! Bot Count !!
As was stated before, the bot count is 2.5x the number selected before game start.


INSTALLATION: Just put the ACH folder into your game's addon directory

*** Warning: Since this map/mod uses both original and custom game assets, it may not work with other mods that edit the original game assets (like side mods)

Note: If you have an old version of my JediSupport mod installed, please remove it before installing this version. See the 'JediSupport' readme for details.


- None that I know of...

Odd quirks:
- The buildings that I used from the game's packaged "Yavin 4" level do not have low resolution versions of their models. Due to this, a low "Level of Detail" (LOD) video setting in the options menu will cause the buildings to fade out of view as you move away from them. The only way to fix this (that I know of) would be to increase the visiblity range used for high resolution models. However, doing so would badly hurt the frame-rate on lower end PCs, so that is not an option.
- This map is an outdoor level with no "sectors" or "portals" (ask a modder) and lots of foliage/trees so the graphics may lag a bit on slower computers.
- When killed by one of the flyers, the message reads "Playername died." instead of the usual 'killed' message. I don't think this can be fixed (issue with the game engine).
- The AI flyers will "flail around" near the defender's base every so often. I would rather not touch the paths setup for the flyers, they are positioned so well right now for certain flight patterns.
- The AI flyers are in single player only. (technical reasons)
- If you drive a tank into one of the forests then leave it, it is highly unlikely the AI will be able to drive it back out
- There are a few spots where the AI may get "stuck" in-between the pathfinding barriers (mostly underneath the platforms in the centre of the map). Usually this doesn't happen often enough to be a problem, but if there is one specific spot that it seems to occur too often, please inform me and I'll fix it.
- Yes... I didn't "go all out" for the GCW skins. Since there isn't an objective mode for that era, I figured only some minor colour changes were necessary.

*** Warning: This map has NOT been tested in an actual multiplayer game. I've played through it in multiplayer mode to see if it will run, but no games have been played where players have joined. Assuming it actually runs online, please remember that the bot count has been boosted to double what was selected (2x normal, 2.5x objective-assault) so lag may be a real issue.


Completed parts (unless something is found to be "broken"):
- CW: Conquest, 1Flag, 2Flag, XL, Objective-Assault
- GCW: Conquest, 1Flag, 2Flag, XL

Possible things to fix:
- Finalize the AI-Only deathregions in certain specific spots (needed only because this game doesn't support 3D pathfinding)
- Improve the GCW skins


Change list:

- Removed the 'reward' rocket launcher from the objective mode for gameplay reasons
- Increased the CP requirement for Jedi access in conquest (back up to five)
- Added an modified version of one of the existing modes (Zerted's shell required to access)
- Replaced the boulder props with a few column props (the boulders had no collision geometry)

- Closed the "back door" into the generator area
- Added some crates into the base for effect
- Re-textured the grate-like floors in the temple to correct a graphics glitch
- Reduced the health on the generator even further
- Messed with other small random stuff
- Reduced the CP requirement for Jedi access in conquest
- Fixed a localization problem in conquest

- Fixed the low resolution textures for the tanks in the CW era
- Tweaked the difficulty some more
- Added a finite reinforcement count for the defenders during the final objective
- Adjusted the lighting and fog a bit
- Increased the viewing range (distance objects fade into view)
- Minor script changes
- Made some colour changes to the GCW units (so they didn't stand out so much)
- Added a mapinfo.txt file for dedicated server support (untested)
- Added a disclaimer on first spawn (singleplayer only)

- Changed the background a bit
- Added the load screens
- Tweaked the objectives a bit

- Heavy changes to the objective mode's balance
- Added a balancer script to the objective mode
- Added some sound regions
- Added a damage region or two to stop certain wall hacks
- Fixed a bug that caused the map to crash in multiplayer
- Added a shadow region to the tunnel for added effect
- Increased the default reinforcment count in the conquest modes
- Updated the skins for the Republic
- Other minor changes I can't remember right now

- Modified the spawn positions so players spawn in facing a direction that makes sense
- Added vehicles to the two flag CTF mode
- Added in a few AI-only deathregions (it may still need more though)
- Removed the Tauntaun from the GCW era (collision problem with the bridges)
- Added a randomizer for the starting "camera shot" at the side select screen
- Added another camera shot to the list
- Prepared the level scripts for a custom load screen
- Added a custom objective-based game mode (uses the assault mode/settings)



Special Thanks:

Alpha testers
- Hebes24, Karnage, Linus, Rekubot, Thire, valiant

Objective-Assault Beta testers
- Rekubot, xdragon

- Rekubot (again!) for his many suggestions/support and continuously testings all the different versions I kept sending out
- [RDH]Zerted for his 'common.lvl' allowing me to easily capture the load screen images
- Rends for his useful sound tutorial on Gametoast
- fung1224 for pointing out some inconsistencies my ideas had with the actual Star Wars fiction
- The GameToast community for their input and moral support

Thanks everyone!

Also thank you to everybody who tried this little project so far and made suggestions on how to improve it.



Legal stuff:
It runs fine on my system, but if something does go wrong, I'm not responsible for any damages involved. This map and all included files should not be modified without my written permission. This and the JediSupport readme files should always be included with any publicly accessible copy of this map. This map and all included files should not be distributed without my permission except in the case of publicly accessible free download websites (Filefront, etc) and only if all associated files are included.

And because ZeroEditor's EULA requires it:


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