Yavin IV: Firefight



I made a comment in the previous file I uploaded about the hallmarks of first maps - and this one has them in spades as well. Totallytoenails's "Yavin IV: Firefight (Random Stuff)" is basically another straightforward Yavin IV map with the requisite skydome, textures, and props for good measure.

The author did a good job setting up the props, but there's little to no variation from the Yavin IV theme (which to be fair, is appropriate - if very boring - given that the map is set on Yavin IV). The real problem is that the map feels too simple. The idea could be developed upon further by adding new sides, objects from different worlds, a new skydome (please, a new skydome - my kingdom for a new skydome!), etc.

It's not a bad map, but anyone who's started mapping will feel like they've played this map before.




Ok, I was going to make a just cruddy map, but starting, I got really good ideas, and so the name of the map is Random Stuff, even though i would like it to be Yavin IV: Firefight.  Sorry for any confusion this might make.

======================Yavin IV: Firefight========================

This is my first working map.  It takes place in a ruined town, of a once great, extinct empire.  It was a boarder town, when the empire was there, defending against it's neighbors.  The town is protected by a range of hills, and a forest.  In the forest, try finding 'The pit'.  I can assure you that it will be very exciting, once you go down into it ;).


The republic is just starting to transfer to the empire.  The chancelor is preparing to set out to destroy the jedi, and take over the galaxy.  In preparation for this, the republic must take a small ruined town on Yavin IV, in order to have a foothold for the seige of the planet.  The CIS controled town was very surprised, as they couldn't see the advancing troops over the hills surrounding the town.  They are barely able to stumble up a counter-attack, and attempt to drive back the republic.


My friends for supporting me, and encouragements
Lucas arts for creating Star Wars Battlefront 2
George Lucas - The man behind the awesome stuff.

Jesus Christ for saving me from my sin, and for being the lord and savior of my life.

"Let the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen"

~Revelation 22:21

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