Yavin: Rainforest

This map, by elfie911, is representative of some kind of temperate rainforest on Yavin (IV, I assume). It's similar to Haruun Kal, if any of...


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This map, by elfie911, is representative of some kind of temperate rainforest on Yavin (IV, I assume). It's similar to Haruun Kal, if any of you are familiar with the map. Additionally, Yavin: Rainforest is leaps and bounds better than his last map, Torus: Zing Assault.

This is a pretty decent map, and was certainly better than I had expected. It's a nice setting, and although it's mostly open, the dense environment makes up for it. There's a nice ambience and it's an enjoyable map that design-wise, seemed as good as any I've seen lately.

There are a couple polishing issues, though. First and most noticeable is the reduction in FPS. There's a fair amount of graphical lag, due mostly to the fog and precipitation. If you're going to have both, it might be a better idea to use the dust props (geo_prop_dust, etc.) to create patchy fog rather than a fog that covers the whole map. When it's that dense (and with precip.), it's a real resource hog.

Additionally - and you may have been unfamiliar with this - I don't think you set AI behavior to dense environment. There were a number of times when I was shot by a unit out of visibility range. This can be fixed by going into the lua (there's a part that says something to the effect of "SetDenseEnvironment," and its default position is at false) and setting the dense environment to "true" for the AI.

I would also consider the effects of adding in overpowered weapons to only one or two units per side. You gave "automatic"-fire rocket launchers to each side in CW, which makes any of the rocket-using units vastly overpowered compared to the others.

All in all, I was fairly impressed. It's well worth noting what a significant improvement this is over the author's previous maps, as well. I would say there are some quality issues to work on (maybe make the skins a little more professional - none of this wacky-color CIS skin deal, improve graphical performance, touch up AI, remove HUD from screenshot picture, and I might suggest removing or slowing down the flyers), but it seems like you've got down the skills to making a well set-up map. Keep working at it and I look forward to seeing what you can do in the future.


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Download 'yavin_rainforest.zip' (68.74MB)

******YAVIN:RAINFOREST By Elfie911//********************************
Well, It is finally done. To those of you who have been keeping up with me on gametoast all this time, I have been working on this map for a couple months now and spent more time and effort than I have ever before just on this map alone. I guarantee you will enjoy it to some degree so please, download it. It is very good and only my third map. See below for details. This map features skins for cis and republic plus different colored lasers for the weapons, the shotgun now shoots red lasers instead of green. General grievous also has red lightsabers as Aalya Secura has green and purple lightsabers in which are twice as big as before. The weapons properties have been changed so that the rifle weapon shoots about 50 bullets at one time. the rocket launcher can shoot ten rockets in one second and the weapons can not over heat.The chaingun has been buffed up greatly as has the super battle droids tri shot. the arc 170 shoots blue lasers also. All characters and vehicles have been skinned except for the stap and fightertank. the map takes place on a rainforest in Yavin with a dagobah like setting. there are hills patchs of grass and lots of fog which is not excessive so does not interfere with gameplay. The sides are basically even and this map is playable in GCW and CW conquest. The GCW teams are not modified at all except for the rebel sodier. there are aalso space vehicles for both sides except for droids. this map has so many features that it would take a novel to explain them all.

Installation Instructions: 

Move, extract, or copy the folder YRF from the zip into your addon directory located in ...LucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameData.
If you do not have an addon folder create one there.

I would like to thank Droideka88 for skinned cis armored tank
=EMP=Grev and SilverBlade for assault droid skin.

Legal stuff:

you may NOT use any of my customly made skins or edit them without my permission!

You can contact me by email. My email is Cmc4543@aol.com


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