YouJediJunkie's Mini Model Pack



YouJediJunkie's got some more - I really appreciate what he does with things like this, just releasing some simple, easy-to-use props. They may not be the biggest or fanciest models, but often, things like this can be more useful, and the work that he's done here on these is really good. Anyone looking for some new stuff should check these out.




Hay, YouJediJunkie here. 

The models here come from a failed Tatooine map (mainly inspired by Anchorhead in KotoR) I tried to make. Somehow, a MAJORITY of the models looked crap (over-sized, inaccurate texture mapping, et cetera) in the game. I wasn't all too happy with the map lay-out either, so I thought it would be the best to leave the project and give away the working models. 

I want to thank RepSharpShooter for the awesome exporter. Really, this game will survive for some more time because of his awesome tool.
Also, Jonas |_/&apos;&apos; *|*€|-| |2()><()|2!

You are free to do exactly ANYTHING to these models, as long as you credit me... since I modelled everything and hand-painted all the textures. :-)

Cheers with Spheres!

~ YouJediJunkie

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