YouJediJunkie's Model Pack




This is my first model package for the SWBF/SWBF II community. I hope you will enjoy it. I have included eight different props. I modelled everything in XSI, hand-painted all the textures in the GIMP and the awesomely kind guy DarthD.U.C.K. exported them to the .MSH format.

In the pack, I have included the .MSH files, the .TGA files. I have included 18 (or something like that) reskins and the eight UV maps that were used. If you're an utter newbie who doesn't know how to get the .PNG reskins on the models I have included a simple document for you.

The screenshots below show some of the original models and some reskins. If you like them, download the pack, please. I want many downloads! ^^

Sometimes, there's just a beauty to simplicity. The models here aren't complicated, but the textures are well done and they have the potential to be very useful props. This is a great example of something meeting its purpose head on and well. These are some nice models, download if you're looking for something to fill out a map with.





I really have no restrictions about the files in this package. Use them however you want. 
Put them in your maps, repaint, tweak them, export them to other games or whatever you feel like. 

Remember to credit me though. I am after all the original author of these babies. I made all textures by hand in The GIMP. The models 
were made in (Surprise surprise) XSI.

I want to thank DarthD.U.C.K. for exporting the models. Also, (7|-|£ 7|2|_|£ |-|/><><[]|2!) Jonas, and all 
the other people who have reviewed my models and paint work are also getting kind words.

~ YouJediJunkie

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