YouJediJunkie's Second Model Pack



YouJediJunkie brings you his second full model pack with 6 new models. They aren't complicated to use and look great. Looking for some new simple props? Give these a look into.

-Delta 47




Alright, here we go again. I am back with another model pack. As always, I have no restrictions about
the stuff here - you can do ANYTHING (exactly anything) to these models - use them in your maps, export them
to other games, use the textures for your own models et cetera - but you have to credit me. 

I hand-painted (tr00 0ld sk0l l0lz) the textures in GIMP and made the models in XSI. 

I have to thank Breakdown for testing out my models (since I can't do it on my own) and giving me ideas. 
Also, Rep, thanks for that AWESOME exporter! You rock. 

Peace out, peace in, peace up, peace down.

~ YouJediJunkie

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