Star Wars Battlefront II May Patch Updates

By Digz 5 years ago

A host of updates are coming on the 22nd May to Star Wars Battlefront II, according to a community transmission from EA. The first change coming is the new level cap, it's not just by a few levels, but you can go up to level 1,000 and upon hitting the current max level for a unit you'll start to enter prestige levels. You'll need the same amount of XP per prestige level but at least this way it gives older players something to return to and of course current and new players something to aim for in the game. They've helpfully posted a chart to show the new max levels in comparison and the prestige level XP required to level up.

Emote wheels come in with the last update but now the developers are adding a "voice over wheel." It will continue to be updated as per user feedback but from this weeks update your heroes will be able to say voice lines without requiring the need for an emote. You'll unlock the voice lines automatically from any emotes you currently own or even acquire in the future for your heroes. For example, your Darth Vader will be able to say "I find your lack of faith disturbing" or of course Obi-Wan's "hello there!"

Appearance bundles have been added for the Clone Trooper legion into the collection menu instead of on the crates menu as they did previously, the developers hope it will make them easier to find than before. However, these will not be available only for crystals at a discounted rate, but appearances in bundles will still be available to be purchased separately by either credits or crystals.

Charlemagne, the community manager also announced Kamino as the next capital supremacy map. The ocean planet will offer new experiences for players to re-visit the planet in a war torn state, run down and fighting for the command posts. This map will also be available in the update being released this week.


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