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Well, we all know about Psych0fred's Armory map that's designed to have every thing that he can fix from SWBF (and stuff that never got into any shipped maps). We all are also extremely excited and cannot wait for its release. The mappers and modders are excited too, waiting to get those sweet and fine pieces of art in their hands for their maps. Well, today I bring another update. Psych0fred posted about his map in a thread on Game Toast's forums. I almost fainted after reading what he posted. I quote what he wrote: "You're assuming I'll get everything working. The Dwarf Spider is little more than a hovering turret at this point, much like the Probe Droid (Probot). Both have legs but neither are animated, I'm just trying to get all of the assets that shipped in the game (as some of you have as well) up and running as best I can. The hangar for the armory came from Geonosis, and the Naboo Starfighter came from Naboo. I'm adding the Forward Command Center as it was in one of our iterations, which was it could hold multiple units each controlling a recon droid. I added the skiff from Tatooine because I like it and it was part of a world rather than a side. I did the same for the MTT, which I still need to work on. The Naboo Starfighter I really enriched the sounds on too, so the flyer sounds like it's shifting when it reaches it's speed threshold. I also allow it to go a minimum of 0 mps. I set it up just like the specs in the New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels and the Cross Sections books. I have everything for reference. I'm going to see what I can do to all the objects to bring them up to spec, for example the Dwarf Spider was a burrowing homing droid. I'm already working on diggable tunnels and already have freeform tunnels. I also restored IG-88 though I need to check out his specs. You've already seen the Bothan with the disguise kit, detpack with seismic charge, and grappling hook, as well as the Probot, my first pass at Grand Admiral Thrawn with the Orbital Strike. I'm working off the list from the Tips and Tricks thread so I'll switch to the GCW era and start trying to get all the ewok traps and catapult working and maybe some of the other independent vehicles like the Gian Speeder and Bespin Cloud Cars. There's a few units to restore as well, like the ATAT commander, and I already restored Darth Maul though like all Jedi he needs a first person model. I could create a dual saber but he would not be able to swing it as other than a single saber so I left it alone. I'm still trying to make it more red. I'm also going to restore the Imperial Troop transport and the Republic Dropship. The dropship I don't know what shape it will be in because the vehicle pads don't behave properly. Vehicle pads are supposed to let vehicles land rather than spawn, but they were dropped early on, so if you use them the vehicles tumble violently from the sky before landing and this does not work well with a dropship carrying an ATTE. They used to work, but not the ATTE is destroyed when it's dropped. Last I heard the code would need to be updated so it's probably not going to change. The Kwing used to work and I could probably restore it from what shipped with the game, but it like the Gunship is a framerate killer. I'm sure I'll get some version of it working. The Hovernaught should be easy to get working too, though like the MTT it's just a hover brick with guns. The ATPT would mostly likely be too difficult since the code was not set up for it's particular animation. I expect to add units too though I don't know who or what. Perhaps I'll just add the units you have with their accessories like capes and correct weapon loadouts using the specs from the books and rpg books. I'm trying to pack all of the restored assets into the Armory, so it'll have the stuff from Chain Isle like the destroyed ATATs and maybe the bunkers and vents. There's a Great Spire I'm going to try and put in too. You'll get a kick out of that if it's intact. I also working on weapon slike the eweb which I think was once on Hoth and shipped with the game. I'll see what else I can scrounge up." Now, wait a little bit, breathe. O.K., now that you're fine, look at the new screenshots. ;) And don't fall unconscious. ;) - Majin Revan
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