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Published by RoguE_Jedi 15 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Battlefront II has a lot to live up to as the sequel to arguably the best Star Wars game ever, and it appears that the developers are making sure this title outshines its predecessor. Garnering a nomination for Best Online Multiplayer Game and winning the title of Best Xbox Live Game at E3, it is clear the developers of Battlefront II aren't playing games. had the chance to chat with Assistant Producer Corrine Wong of LucasArts in order to glean more info about this highly anticipated title: 1. Battlefront was a terrific success commercially and critically, but of course, die-hard gamers always want more. Based on the fans' feedback, the developers' vision, or a happy synergy of the two, what changes and additions can we expect in Battlefront II? We received a lot of great feedback from the fans, and much of it aligned perfectly with what LucasArts and Pandemic wanted to do in Star Wars Battlefront II. We kept elements of what fans loved about the original Battlefront, added on top of it, and attempted to fix the issues. Some of the new and exciting features include space battles, playable Jedi, a load of Episode III content, an engaging objective-based story for single-player campaign, new game modes (i.e. Capture the Flag, Acquire, Defend, etc), and new classes for each of the four factions. Some of the cool changes the dev team has made include the ability to sprint and change your soldier class at a friendly command post. 2. Battlefront II appears to be placing more emphasis on the game's story, including more single-player missions. Can you describe some of these missions and enhancements that are being made to the single-player game? We've added a new single-player campaign mode featuring the story of the 501st Legion. You know those guys who dress up in stormtrooper outfits? They're all a part of the 501st - also known as Vader's Fist - and Battlefront II is their story. It's sort of the ultimate homage to hardcore fans. The player fights battles through the eyes of a clone trooper, and through many missions will eventually become part of Vader's personal elite team of stormtroopers. You'll get to relive some of the greatest moments in Star Wars history. For example, you get to take out the capital ships in the space battle above Coruscant in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In addition, the missions are more objective-based rather than just pure conquest. 3. When does Battlefront II's story line take place in relation to the films' story lines? Battlefront II's storyline begins in the Clone Wars and ends with the Empire's most infamous victory against the Rebellion - the 501st's finest hour. The objectives and battles that take place in the game relate to the overall story arc of the movies; however, not all the missions mimic that of the movies. It's a great opportunity for players to experience what else was happening in the galaxy while the major events in the movie were taking place. 4. How do you hope to create an immersive gaming experience in the single-player campaign? What effects will player actions have on the galaxy and the story line? As mentioned above, we hope to captivate our audience with the intriguing storyline of 501st Legion. In addition, objective-based gameplay has been added to the single-player campaign. This makes for a much more interesting and varied experience. The player is able to do anything from defending a strategic command post against swarms of enemies to destroying key structures to capturing top-secret plans. Furthermore, the player's actions determine the outcome of the battle - no longer will the reinforcement meter be the sole determinant of your victory or failure. New and varied voice lines, sound effects, and music enhance the player's experience as well. We've also updated the Galactic Conquest mode, which we'll tell you more about in the coming months. 5. You plan to unleash the Force and make Jedi powers available to players. How do you plan to resolve the tricky issue of allowing players to feel the awesome power of the Force without overpowering them? Ah, good question. First of all, the Jedi class is not always available to the player. In single-player mode, the player needs to earn the right to play as a Jedi by completing certain objectives. In multiplayer mode, the host determines the parameters at which you can be a Jedi. Secondly, the ability to yield a lightsaber and use your cool Force powers comes with a time limit. The nice thing is that your time limit can be extended if you effectively use your Jedi. However, if you choose to kill your buddies and allies or get hit by an enemy one too many times, your time is shortened. So use your Jedi wisely - and be good to your fellow teammates!.
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